Friday Fictioneers–3 January 2014–Battle Plan

Happy New Year, Fictioneers!

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields has started the year off with a bang–and a photo prompt–for our 100-word story. My story follows the prompt:


Battle Plan

The step-step-step of marching feet drummed on the pavement as the advancing army neared. My siblings and I stole a peek out the window. Alarmed, we hurriedly gathered our belongings, slipped out the back door, and made a beeline for the fortress our father had built. Soon we were joined by others who knew of our hiding place. We spent the afternoon forming a plan of action–until we were interrupted by voices and shouting in the distance. That’s when the rest left me all alone. I was tagged with lookout duties while everyone else ran home to eat dinner.

Are you ready to try something new in 2014? Enlist in Friday Fictioneers and tell us a 100-word story inspired by the photo prompt. Do it!
Clicking a blue link will open a new window where you can find the rules and link your story.


35 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers–3 January 2014–Battle Plan

  1. Dear Patti,

    You’ve captured child’s play in few words. I can remember playing games like that that lasted for days. Perhaps this child will grow up to be an author. Nice one.




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