Cut off from Civilization Again

I had no internet again Monday. I reset the modem and it worked briefly. Hubby came home from work and found the cable was out. This time, our “little magic box” reset did not fix it. He’s going to attempt to exchange it tomorrow. Will keep you posted. Thankful for my iPhone!


23 thoughts on “Cut off from Civilization Again

  1. Our router went out last week…another reason I had deleted my blog again….couldn’t get onto the computer over half the time! It was so frustrating…then the cable guy that was on call duty the night I called spent over two hours trying to find the problem….and then, magically, he found it!!! It was our router….he said we needed a new one and he was right! Hope you find your problem and get it fixed!


  2. There should be a reset button on back of the router, Patti. If you press the button sometime it fixes the problem. If not, you probably need a new one.
    blessings ~ maxi


  3. What did we ever do before the internet or smart phones? Sorry you are having problems! I still had rather do my blog on my laptop than my phone. So much easier to type on the laptop.


  4. I agree, it is frustrating when the techie stuff fails us. Hope this is sorted out by now.

    Wishing you a magical holiday season and all the good things in 2014! 🙂 Mr. Cheddar appreciated your comment this morning. 😉


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