Wednesday’s Visitor

We awoke Wednesday to a nice layer of frost on everything. I stood at the kitchen window and observed a couple of squirrels scouting the yard for sunflower seeds and/or peanuts that might have been left behind.

Then I noticed the sunshine (which we hadn’t seen in several days) turning the frost into a vapor.



My gaze drifted across the fence, mesmerized by the evaporation process. And then, I realized someone else was watching.

Cooper's Hawk perched atop my neighbor's grill.

Cooper’s Hawk perched atop my neighbor’s grill.

A Cooper’s Hawk sat on the grill for a good while, and I wondered if it was awaiting breakfast to show up, or if had already eaten and was allowing it to digest.

A friend and I planned to do some Christmas shopping; I debated whether or not to put seed out before leaving, with a predator close by. Just then, a Carolina Wren came hopping across the tall section of fence, toward the hawk. That was my cue–I stepped out to the back porch, walked into the yard to break the ice on the birdbaths, and the hawk left its perch. The wren retreated to safety. It was a good day for the wren and me.


26 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Visitor

  1. Oh how exciting! What a glorious bird! Can’t believe it was just sat there. Love the wren’s, but absolutely love the hawks. 🙂 Great photos.


  2. Love your “mist” photo! Years ago, Marshall’s dad stopped feeding the birds because the hawks were coming. He felt as though he were just setting up the birds to be killed. It’s a tough decision; part of nature….


  3. What Tex said! Every winter CH and I talk about to feed or not to feed the birds because of the hawks. I hate that we just set up a birdie buffet for them but then I read on someone’s blog that the hawks have to eat too. And it’s true. I personally would rather they eat mice but…. I think we help more birds than that are taken by the hawks. I hope.
    Great pictures Patti and post!


  4. What a beautiful bird! I just love seeing wild in my everyday life!

    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥


  5. We have a Red-tail Hawk that visits on occasion. Unfortunately it nabbed a red-bellied woodpecker as well as a dove several weeks ago. It took about a full month before I had birds back at the feeders. I love the hawk as well but sometimes I feel as if I’ve provided it a very convenient drive-through!


    • Thank you, that is so sweet of you! I’m dealing with internet issues–again, and we’ll be traveling next week. I hope things return to normal soon! I’m glad you were able to get some good shots of the hawks. They don’t linger long, otherwise.


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