Rainy and Monday

Not much news here. We’ve had three days of rain, and glad it isn’t snow. Watched football Sunday afternoon. The snow during the game in Philadelphia looked like a blizzard–I had to snuggle up in a blanket to keep warm while watching! Funny how that works.

Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadee

The smaller birds are returning to the feeders. Not much activity in the birdbath, though.

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

I got four loads of laundry done this morning; did some Christmas shopping late in the afternoon; finally getting around to today’s blog post while watching Monday Night Football. I hope to get to some sewing-related projects Tuesday. 

Will chat with you again soon! What are you working on?





19 thoughts on “Rainy and Monday

  1. Don’t think we ever look out at the feeders and don’t see a little chickadeedee or two! I did Christmas shopping yesterday! It was shockingly cold.. 😯 You are a football fan! We are waiting to watch Mizzou play in the Cotton Bowl after losing to Auburn Saturday~dang!


  2. Sounds like you had a productive day yesterday. All I managed to do was work. Came home and visited with Clara for a while, did a load of laundry and dishes. Have today off work so I am planning to finish up my Christmas shopping (thanks to Amazon, I only need to pick up a few small stocking stuffers). And I really should get a little house cleaning done…we shall see…


  3. working on staying warm – 22 this morning again. ice starting to form around the pond since we’ve been cold for a long time. gotta go back to the feed store to buy more scratch feed for the ducks.


  4. We have had 9 straight days of rain. Just the slow drizzle kind with a couple of heavier showers from time to time. I’ve been decorating my house for the past few days. Just about done!


  5. Hey, that woodpecker looks a lot like the one I’ve been trying to photograph (don’t know for sure because he flies away too quickly 🙂 )

    My main project right now is trying to finish writing out Christmas cards. I’ve done all the mailed ones, now I just have to do the rest!


    • There are two woodpeckers marked like this–the downy and hairy. Downies are the smaller of the two.
      You’re way ahead of me on cards. Come to think of it, the stamps I ordered are yet to arrive. I have cards on the calendar to work on Sunday afternoon.


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