Friday Fictioneers–22 November 2013

This week, Sean Fallon provides the photo inspiration for Friday Fictioneers.
Won’t you join  us? It’s amazing how quickly 100 words comes together. It just might be the most fun you have all day! The stories of other Fictioneers can be found at the above link, too. My 100-word story follows the photo.

Copyright–Sean Fallon

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

“I heard you and your wife split.”
“Yeah, it was real ugly.”
“What happened? You two were a pair since sixth grade.”
“She got all bent out of shape one morning when I was flexing in front of the bathroom mirror. She was trying to brush her teeth at the time. Then she said she was tired of my nagging—and suggesting she stop spending so much time writing 100-word fiction and work out with me at the gym.”
“Man! What were you thinking?”
“I don’t know, guess I lost my head…and my torso…along with the right to bear arms.”

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62 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers–22 November 2013

  1. Dear Patti,

    I’m glad I wasn’t drinking when I read your last line. If I had I’d be cleaning spewed coffee off my keyboard. Actually exercise helps stimulate the brain cells and would help him in his 100 word story writing. Just saying…I enjoyed your story.




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