Frustration/Learning Patience/Building Character?


004Please excuse the duplication/deletion. I’ve been determined to get the WordPress app on my iPad today. It has been just as determined to not allow me to open the app.  I went to the Forum and learned others are having the same issues, unable to log in, needing to update credentials, etc…

I finally gave up and created the post on the laptop. Still puzzled as to why I can use the app on my iPhone, but not the iPad, I was looking over the phone app and found the “draft” of the post I had created. Not liking clutter, I promptly deleted the draft, then later found out it deleted the post and the comments that had been made on it!

In case you missed the original post, we celebrated Taylor’s 19th birthday this past weekend with a snowball battle, in the house. We used “snowballs” I found at the Hallmark store that are safe for indoor use (won’t break things). I highly recommend them!

Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine


26 thoughts on “Frustration/Learning Patience/Building Character?

  1. That does sound frustrating! I have been thinking about getting a tablet, but I do not want to learn new technology, so I think I will stick with something Windows based.


    • My iPhone is much easier to use and faster than my laptop for reading/commenting, that’s why I wanted an iPad–a larger screen. Hopefully WP will be functional on it soon, Robin.


  2. Thanks for the heads up. I tend to be a late adopter of new technology. I think that I’ll continue to use my laptop for posts until others figure out how to resolve the problems with iPads and phones. 🙂


    • Smart girl, Sheryl. I don’t have any problem with my iPhone, just that the screen is too small to do much blog reading comfortably. I tend to hold onto “old” technology until it has to be replaced. It is frustrating when it doesn’t work as one hoped.


  3. A snowball fight in the house sounds like fun. I’ve been having trouble with WordPress lately. It won’t let me like many blogs and it won’t let me add media to my posts. I love technology but sometimes…..


  4. Snowballs for inside the house, Patti? Sounds like a great idea for someone who lives in Central Florida. My granddaughter will be nine in Dec. … I’m headin’ for Hallmark.

    blessings ~ maxi


  5. I wish I could help, but I can only do limited things on my android phone…haven’t even tried the tablet (also android). I think an indoor snowball fight sounds like a blast, though. I won’t mention it to the kids…they might like it a little too much as well (and they would find a way to break something!)


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