Cooper’s Hawk Meets Its Match, Or–

It Pays to Keep a Pesky Squirrel Around.


I thought I had shared these photos, but couldn’t find them in my WordPress Media folder. Maybe they just disappeared–along with the socks.

A young Cooper’s Hawk stopped by for lunch one day, but this squirrel let it be known the hawk was not welcome here. It kept antagonizing the hawk, until it flew off in search of a yard without a security squirrel on duty.


I apologize for not getting by to read your posts lately. Tuesday is the deadline for submissions for our writers group book, which I didn’t realize was coming up so soon.

Susan “” Okaty and I spent the day Wednesday traipsing about the countryside. You should stop by and visit her blog, she’s a hoot. Can you believe, neither of us took a single photo all day? 

Our oldest granddaughter had a birthday this week, and we plan to celebrate with her this weekend.

I’ve been experimenting with WordPress Reader on iPad, but not all the blogs I subscribe to show up. Does anyone else have this problem? I still get the email links, so I know some are missing. Maybe they left with the socks, too? Hopefully, things will return to “normal” next week.


17 thoughts on “Cooper’s Hawk Meets Its Match, Or–

  1. Super Squirrel! Don’t worry about getting by blogs, we all get busy.. 🙂 Our iPad and I did not get along. CH now has an iPad all to himself. I am trying to be friends with it but my phone is enough of a challenge. For WordPress and picture stuff I love my Acer laptop! I hope you find your pictures, that is scary! Have fun this weekend!


  2. A guard squirrel – I like it! I’ve not tried the reader, so I can’t offer any suggestions there. I still do the old fashioned email notification only. A few more posts and I’ll only be three days behind in reading 🙂


  3. I’ve scrolled through and seen that you have been catching a lot of nice bird shots. We put our feeders out, which should serve as a tempting feeding ground for the local hawks. Maybe I’ll get a good picture too. Although I usually scare them away if I notice them stalking our feeders. I’m surprised the squirrel wasn’t afraid of that hawk. I thought they were prey.


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