Friday Fictioneers–8 November 2013

My 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers follows the photo prompt. Everyone is welcome to participate, the rules can be found at this link.

Copyright--Al Forbes

Copyright–Al Forbes

The Ice Cream Scoop

Mom came to school to get me. I was happy I didn’t have to ride the stinky bus home. Besides, my friends rode a different one.

Mom put my books and the test I got a hundred on in the backpack dangling from the hand grips of my chair and asked if I was ready to go.

Was I ever! We always stopped for ice cream when she picked me up.

As she pushed me down the street, I saw a boy looking out his window. I asked if we could take him some ice cream. She said, “Not today.”

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40 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers–8 November 2013

  1. this really touched my heart… i have a cousin with special needs and she often stares out the window… and i always wonder about what she’s thinking, so this lovely story reminded me of her.


  2. You have such a clever way of looking at the photos and getting a new view of them. This is a sweet and vivid story. It’s wonderful how you put so much info into so few words.That’s a special gift.

    I’ve always been tempted to do some of the challenges and I may need to if I can’t embroider fast enough lol. I’ve done well for my first week of being back blogging. I figure my Redwork throw will make about 30 maybe 36 weekday posts depending on whet size I actually end up with. I’m enjoying the needlework for a change and being back blogging is super. 🙂


  3. Stopping for ice cream after school is always special, and in spite of her own needs, your young lady’s sensitivity and desire to share it with the housebound boy makes the event even more memorable. Nice.


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