Monday’s Musings, Birds and Bunny

I’ve been away since late last week. I regained my hour of lost sleep from last spring’s change to Daylight Savings Time. I looked at my kitchen calendar this evening and realized I’d fallen back a whole month–it still showed October. Who wouldn’t like to have an extra month this time of year?

Thought I’d share some photos today. Hovering over a photo will bring up the caption, clicking on a photo will start a slide show.

Have a great week!


28 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings, Birds and Bunny

  1. I’m glad that you stepped out to help the bunny. Crows can be quite dangerous when they’re picking on a critter. Your hawk is handsome, but I feel for the beautiful little birdies and bunnies that have to hide for safety. The dove probably feel safe and knew sometimes a good camouflage is just staying still. Thanks for sharing your backyard beauties with us. 🙂


    • Hi E.C! It’s so good to hear from you. So far, I’ve not witnessed the hawks catching any of our buddies, and no tell-tale signs left in the yard. There was a hawk on the peak of a neighbor’s roof at the time the dove was “laying low.” It barely moved its head from time to time, but it didn’t budge. Thanks for stopping by.


    • Thanks, Angelia. I was glad the cardinal photo came out ok. She was so gentle with the water, unlike other birds that manage to splash all the water out. Hawks are impressive creatures. Glad you stopped by. I trust you’re properly spoiling that granddaughter. 🙂


  2. I’m glad you got an hour of sleep back. (We don’t change time here in Arizona, so I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have to go reset all the clocks in the house.)

    Poor bunny! I like the hawk, but he’s definitely an intimidating presence 🙂


    • That must be nice, Janna. (Not changing the clocks.) I really like the ones that reset themselves! Intimidating is a good word for hawks. The crows fall into that category, too.


  3. Good Evening Patti! I bet that dove didn’t move for a very long time! Those crows are bullies.. 🙂 Such a great series of birds! We haven’t started feeding the birds yet so we haven’t seen any hawks yet.. 😯


    • Hi, Pix! A hawk was perched on the roof peak next door, that little dove didn’t dare make a move. Crows are bullies! Thanks, I’ve been taking a few photos, but not getting them posted. I love the “hawk” eyes on your smiley. 🙂


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