Random 5 Friday

It’s the end of yet another week that went I know not where.
Here are my thoughts for Random 5 Friday.

1. I was in downtown Norfolk Wednesday and found another mermaid to share. This one is mounted above street level, in front of the NorVa, a performing theater/club. It opened in 1917 as a Vaudeville theater.

NorVa mermaid

NorVa mermaid

2. Going to stay with the grandkids for a few days while their mom goes to visit her grandfather. I may be absent from the blog during this time.

3. The new iPad Air release is NOVEMBER 1! Can you tell I’m excited? I don’t know how that got so far down the “random thought” list.

4. Lunch-with-hubby day will be a dinner date this week.

5. Our winter visitors are arriving. White-throated Sparrows and Yellow-rumped Warblers have made their appearances.

Not a very good photo, but the yellow patches are visible.

Not a very good photo, but the yellow patches are visible.

That’s it for Random 5 Friday this week. Have a great weekend!



20 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday

  1. Are you going to get the iPad air? If you do, I want to see it! I think George would get it for me, if I really wanted him to, for my 65th birthday, but I can’t justify the cost since this iPad works fine and we need to buy a new heating and air conditioning system. Drat! I hate being practical. Enjoy the kids.


  2. Have fun with your grandchildren. Mine are coming here tonight (3 1/2 yrs and 3 months), so their parents can have a date night and a sleep-in morning.


  3. Patti I do not want this month to fly by. Ya think we can slow it down. I love this month of Thanksgiving! Have fun with the Grandkids and it is fun to hear that you are all giddy over the iPad Air.. 🙂 We have Juncos today!


  4. Wow…your week is pretty planned out. Have a great one. It’s going to be a great first week of November.
    I don’t have an i-Pad yet, and I’m intrigued you’re really looking forward to your latest version.


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