Marriage Secrets–Mama Kat’s

I chose #2 from Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts this week.

“Your top 5 secrets to a successful marriage!”

1. Don’t even think about marrying someone you entertain thoughts of changing. What you see is what you get. Love it, or leave it.

2. How many times have I heard, “I’m marrying him/her not their family?” Don’t fool yourself. They will be YOUR family, too.

3. Do not nag, belittle, or berate your spouse. This is a partnership. A wounded partner throws off the couple’s balance. Support one another, instead.

4. I read this before and think it is worth mentioning here: Don’t yell at each other unless the house is on fire.

5. We have a shared faith. We grow together and toward our God. A three-fold cord is not easily broken.

Those are my top five marriage secrets. Hubby and I will be married 38 years come November.

Check out Mama Kat’s blog to see what others have chosen to write about.


44 thoughts on “Marriage Secrets–Mama Kat’s

  1. All great advice, but I think the first one is the most important. people do not change. They become more like themselves. Love the person for who they are and if you can’t, walk away.


  2. One thing my David and I never did was to focus on faults. We found that complimenting the good, saying it aloud, kept our love alive … we were more in love than when we married.
    blessings ~ maxi


    • You are so right about the sense of humor, Pix. That’s a big one. Erma Bombeck’s writing made me see as a young wife/mother that it is ok to laugh at yourself and some of the trying circumstances.


  3. Perfect perfect perfect!!! You have a great list and I agree with TBM that number one is very accurate. We are who we are and love will not change that basic person one iota. We may evolve as we age (and boy am I aging) and maybe soften a bit but the love it or leave it concept is very good advice. Great list, Patti! And 38 years is awesome!!!! We are teenagers at 31.


    • Thanks, Theresa. Those are the things I hear people say the most. It looks a lot different after one is in a relationship for a period of time–say, until the first family holiday. πŸ˜‰


  4. VERY good advice Patti. And wow, congrats on all those years, that’s wonderful.

    #2 really hit home. I’m on my second marriage. This time, got a great guy and not so great in laws. but they ARE part of the package, I agree. :<(


    • Thanks, Geraldine. I’m glad you can speak experience into this, maybe it will make a difference in someone’s life. Thankful you’ve got a great guy, may you have LOTS of happy years together.


  5. I’ll especially share number 2 with my daughter – she’ll be marrying into a HUGE family next weekend (ours is very small in comparison). She keeps saying the same thing “I’m not marrying them.”…and I keep telling her otherwise – maybe she’ll listen to a non-biased person, haha!


    • Love is blind, Candice. πŸ™‚ Hopefully they will all get along just fine. It’s good to think about it beforehand–where holidays will be spent is always a big issue if both families are nearby.


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