Random 5 Friday

Random 5 Friday at Nancy’s place–A Rural Journal. Come and share your week with us.

1. Rats! I have no mermaids this week! Maybe next week I’ll have more time to goof off look for them.

2. I was amazed humbled trembling a bundle of emotions when asked to write a daily reading for our church’s Advent devotional.

3. Hubby is away this weekend, dealing with legalities of his mom’s estate, and to visit his dad and siblings. He was greeted by yellow jackets (bees) in the kitchen of the house he grew up in.

4. I met my author-friend Evelyn for lunch today. It was a new restaurant for me, a breakfast-served-all-day kind of place. I try to shy away from carbs, but they offered a pecan-topped Belgian waffle that tempted me beyond my willpower limits. And it was worth it! I have no remorse.

5. I’m putting flannel sheets back on the bed tonight!

That’s a wrap for Random 5 Friday. Have a great weekend!


40 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday

  1. A treat with no remorse is a treat, indeed! It’s getting cooler here, too. We cranked up the pellet stove for a bit tonight. Yay! Bees in the kitchen- ew! Bees scare me. Especially inside.


  2. I think my ‘meal of no remorse’ would have to be a cheeseburger and fries!! Now, I’m hungry. We only live on this earth one time around a meal worth the enjoyment once in a while is a GOOD thing.


  3. oh that waffle sounds delicious!! i am glad you broke down & tried it. ( :
    aww, i love it when it is cold enough for flannel sheets. it has not gotten there in a long time here in VA. have a happy weekend.


    1. It was that or the French toast with pecans, Beth, and I’m really glad I tried the waffle. It was pretty chilly last night. I procrastinated changing the sheets, but put them on first thing this morning!


    1. Fleece sheets? Hmmmm. We’ve had these flannel ones for quite some time. I heard the elastic (what was left of it) snapping as I stretched it over the mattress. I may have to check into that, Susan W.


    1. 24! It sneaks up on one quickly when it drops like that. The cold and I don’t get along well, so I’m blessed to live where winter has some warm-ish days here and there, and it doesn’t last too long. I grew up in W.Va., and it seemed like winter lasted six months! It snowed and stayed.


  4. Oh I have had fleece sheets on the bed for a couple of months now:) There are lot of yellow jackets this year. I have to go I have a craving for a waffle:) Take care. B


    1. I bought a Belgian wafflemaker, but rarely use it any more, Abby. My hubby likes thinner waffles, and I don’t need to eat them on a regular basis. I might have to dress one up for dessert sometime, he might like that.


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