Friday Fictioneers–11 October 2013

Here’s my 100-word story, following the photo prompt from Sandra Crook, for Friday Fictioneers. The link will take you to our host, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog, where you can find more stories, or get the skinny on how to join in the fun and submit your 100-word story. 


Copyright-Sandra Crook

X Games

“Good evening fans, I’m Dan.”

“And I’m Mike.”

“We’re set to kick-off this round of X Games, for the skateboarding competition.”

“There’s lots of rail for the skaters to grind, Dan.”

“You’ve got that right, Mike. Can we get a shot of the second rail? As you can see, they’ve literally raised the bar. That uneven rail with a 90-degree turn is going to present a challenge for even the most experienced skaters. It will be interesting to see what tricks they use to jump that gap.”

“There’s Tony Hawk! Let’s see if we can get a word with him.”scalpel


42 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers–11 October 2013

    • Thanks! I’ve never read much of the blog fiction until now, but the 100-word stories are a challenge and don’t take long to read. I’ve been amazed at what some of the other writers on FF can do with 100 words. I appreciate you taking the time to read mine.


  1. Dear Patti,

    Your story sent me to Google. I found a You Tube video of Tony Hawk in an event. So I can now say with some background that your dialogue is spot on. Wonderful and unique take on the prompt. Now that’s skating out of the box. 😉




    • Thanks, Rochelle. I’m glad you mentioned You Tube, I just watched a skater go from a ramp, to a pipe, and into the Grand Canyon (wearing a parachute). I’m amazed at the things people do–and live to tell about it!
      Shalom, Patti


    • I was just watching some You Tube videos, Pix, and saw a guy attempting to speed from a ramp, over a pipe, into the Grand Canyon. (With a parachute). They had to modify the angle of the ramp after his first try where he failed to grind the rail. Talk about skeery! I wonder if ESPN is hiring? 😉 Thanks!


  2. Patti, I’ve been at the X Games and seen Tony Hawk and the other amazing competitors, not just in skateboarding, but all the other crazy and amazing competitions. So in that spirit, I would have to say, “Give it up for Patti!” (I got so sick of hearing that!!)



  3. Patti, this was too fun! I would have never imagined this one from the photograph! Q: At the bottom of your post there is a picture of an Exacto knife blade. I’ve seen it before, what does it represent?


    • I don’t follow it either, Janna, but i did make it a point to watch Shaun White at the Olympics. I’m amazed what they can do with a skateboard–and a lot of determination.


  4. I am amazed every week at all the different ways writers approach the stories. I’d never even noticed the rails in the story. It was the pillars for me, though where my tale came from …? Your commentary was realistic and although I’d never heard of Tony Hawk, I knew he would be ‘real’. Ann


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