Wild Bird Wednesday–65

Wild Bird Wednesday

Goldfinches, the only birds in the backyard this morning. It’s raining, and there are raindrops on the window, so not the best picture quality. Goldfinches breed late in the season; the young were still fluttering their wings to be fed two days ago. They are molting the bright yellow feathers for their winter khakis. 

Thanks for looking! More bird photos can be found at Paying Ready Attention, where Wild Bird Wednesday is showcased.

Goldfinch family in the rain

Goldfinch family in the rain


This is what the male looks like in summer.


18 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–65

    • Sorry you had trouble posting, Carol Ann. Theresa did, too. I’m glad you tried again. They’re very pretty finches, sneaked in one winter in their “drab” colors and I got a nice surprise when I ID’d them. I learned they like purple coneflower seeds, so we planted some and they’ve stayed. Blessings to you.


    • They do like coneflowers, Pix! We might have a small bloom or two, but for the most part, the coneflowers are history for this year. I don’t get bluebirds, but my daughter does.


  1. Love their summer colors. We used to have goldfinches at our finch feeder in Texas in the winter, but they were no longer bright yellow when we got them. Nice photo, in spite of the rain.


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