Wild Bird Wednesday–64

I finally have something to share with Wild Bird Wednesday! There hasn’t been much backyard activity, so this week I went in search of our elusive feathered friends. 

Lake at Mt. Trashmore
lake at Mt. Trashmore

This was taken at one of our city parks.  This is a man-made lake; there’s a shallow area near the middle where waterfowl gather. 

Cropped version of the right side of previous photo.
cropped version of the right side of previous photo

After cropping, I was quite surprised to see so many varieties of birds–and turtles, too! Notables are a Great Blue Heron, Royal Tern (orange beak near center of photo), Herring Gulls (large brownish/gray gulls). There appears to be a Cormorant between the Great Blue Heron and Herring Gull. 

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22 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–64

    1. They’re far enough away that I couldn’t tell what kind of birds, I assumed gulls, Theresa. Imagine my surprise to find the Great Blue Heron when I cropped! I’d better take my binoculars next time!


  1. I love Al’s comment – what a great movie! This is a fabulous photo. There is so much going on – nature can be so amazing, and you have captured a beautiful part of it.

    I am finally settling back into blogging since we moved.


    1. It’s good to see you, Robin! Thanks. I was hoping the photo would enlarge when clicked, but apparently it has to be in a gallery for that feature to work. Glad to hear you are moved and life is returning to normal.


  2. Thats a nice mix of birds – and a good number would be new for me!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne.

    PS: sorry for slow reply – I have been out of phone / Internet range for most of the week – it was strangely pleasant!


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