Friday Fictioneers–4 October 2013

I look forward to Wednesdays and the arrival of Rochelle’s photo prompt for the Friday Fictioneers meme. My 100-word story follows this week’s photo.

Copyright--E.A. Wicklund

Copyright–E.A. Wicklund


The grains of sand warmed Sarah’s bare feet, even as the breeze cooled her body. Once again, she was reminded of the turbulence that is life—wrong, right; dark, light; peace, strife. Would it ever be as smooth as the stones on the shore, those pummeled by the waves? How easy it would be to wander into the sea and never return. Observing an eagle and osprey battling for dinner, she realized the stronger and most determined got the fish. Now the expanse of sea and sky acquired new meaning. She could see Eternity, and knew what she must do. 

There are more 100-word stories, and maybe even yours? Find the rules and the rest of the gang at Friday Fictioneers.


53 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers–4 October 2013

  1. though i’m sure the ending’s dark, something in me wishes that she decided that she’s the stronger and more determined one. wonderfully done.


  2. The shore is a place of renewal, isn’t it? One of my most favorite retreats. Doesn’t even have to be the ocean. It can be a lake or a river. Something about standing still while the water keeps moving is comforting. Great story.


  3. A cliffhanger, even though she’s standing on the beach! She chose Eternity. I hope it was because she realised that those gulls hadn’t read The Beatitudes … 🙂 Well-written story, P. I visited your friend’s blog, as requested. She’s a good writer. I love where you live. Ann


  4. These 100-worders provide rich opportunities for leaving the ending up to the reader, don’t they? But since she has focused on eternity in the final scene, I’m believing she is making the “right decision.”

    Also, I like your home page and your header. One of my favorite scriptures.


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