Random 5 Friday

1. I missed Random 5 Friday last week. I attended a writers conference, which I wrote about in this post, in case you’re curious or would like to consider attending one. 

2. Our son-in-law is participating in a Warrior Dash tomorrow (Saturday). This weekend’s event is about an hour away from us, and this is our first opportunity to attend. 

3. I have another mermaid to share. This one is near the Ocean View beach in Norfolk. ??????????

4. The loudest voice in the neighborhood today belongs to a Blue Jay. I’ve not seen–or heard–them around the backyard much this past month. I guess they are busy with other things, like reforestation. They, along with the squirrels, play a part in their environment by burying acorns and beech nuts. They’re fun to watch as they pound a nut into the ground and cover it with a leaf.

5. The timer signals the last load of laundry is dry. Dinner prep is done and waiting to be heated. Time to stop procrastinating and get my aerobic workout in for the day. Have a great weekend!

You can find the rules for this Random 5 Friday meme at A Rural Journal by clicking this link. Won’t you join us? 


23 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday

    • I still see a mockinbird here and there, but they are much quieter this time of year. Glad you like the mermaids, Theresa, I stumbled onto another one for the coming week’s post. With the nice weather, I need to get myself to downtown Norfolk and do the walking tour. I now have a map showing where to find more mermaids. It says they have a tendency to disappear! I guess others like them, too.


  1. Have fun today! Mermaid is made of some kind of cool bronze kind of stuff. We have not heard a jay since Spring. I am impressed that you do an aerobic workout and you have guilted me into getting my lazy self outside for a walk today.. 🙂 Hope it rains!


    • She is pretty, Pix. I hope you got your walk done before it rained. 🙂 I’ve been procrastinating on the exercise and need to get it back in my routine. It’s up to me to keep my body fit.


    • Thanks, Kathy. He was quite happy with his time to cover the course. I hope you’ll post about it when you mark it off your bucket list. Brave soul! I don’t want mud in my ears! LOL


    • She is lovely, Nancy. I like the finish, or tarnish, patina? He was pleased with his 5K time, including the obstacles. I don’t think I could willingly submerge myself totally in a huge mud puddle, crawling under barbed wire. Not my idea of fun, that’s for sure!


  2. Ah! It was your son who did the Warrior Dash! LOL, I thought for a moment that you were Super-woman par excellente. Haha 🙂


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