Thumper on Thursday

Our neighbor found a flat tire on his car this morning, so I drove him to the tire shop to see if it could be repaired. I started a quick post on my iPhone, but that only allowed one photo. By the time I found the other way to create a post, it was time to come home. 

It’s Thursday, I have a lunch date with hubby, and a few minutes to spare beforehand. 

Asiatic lily foliaged

Asiatic lily foliaged

Asiatic lily unfoliaged

Asiatic lily unfoliaged

The suspect

The suspect

Hope you’re having a great day!


36 thoughts on “Thumper on Thursday

    • This is America, so it’s innocent until proven guilty, Linda. The cardinal, on the other hand, is totally guilty of dining on the butterfly larva! I caught it in the act. The caterpillar had already attached itself to the stem with silk and the bird had a hard time getting it loose. It tried and tried.


  1. I think Thumper gets around. My garden was decimated two days ago and we are debating whether it was elk or rabbit. I don’t know which, but I’m not happy with my barely-surviving zucchini plants 😦 Time to sprinkle the powdered fox urine again in case it is the bunny rabbits!


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