Friday Fictioneers 13 September 2013

It’s Wednesday, and the eager beavers at Friday Fictioneers are gnawing away at this week’s photo prompt, hoping to build a “dam” good 100-word story.

Copyright--Jan Wayne Fields

Copyright–Jan Wayne Fields


The fallout of the plane crash sent crowds scurrying for the ferry. Pushing and shoving like school kids trying to get outside for recess, they clamored onto the waiting vessel. Overloaded and tossed by the churning waves, the small boat struggled to stay afloat. Captain Steubing announced the need to cast off anything of little or no value. A mob of elitists took it upon themselves to rid the ferry of the homeless and weak who’d managed to get on board.

Lady Liberty lifted her torch to honor those sacrificed on this fateful day, for now, they were truly free.



35 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 13 September 2013

    • I’ve always seen the world through the proverbial rose-colored glasses, but the internet has opened my eyes as I read the writing that flows from the hearts of mankind. Thanks for reading, vb.


    • Captain Steubing probably dates my writing, and many will not know he was the TV captain of the Love Boat. I thought that would throw some irony into a story where the love of oneself was greater than the love of their fellow man. Thanks for commenting, Perry.


  1. And here I had hoped the idle rich would have been tossed over. I guess there is freedom of many kinds. Good thing, Lady Liberty is always there to remind of us what we “should” be.


  2. Dear Patti,

    This is more of a horror story than Friday the 13th and others of its ilk, because this could be a reality. Although Captain Steubing conjured up scenes of the Love Boat which this most definitely was not. Was this intentional? Loved your story in any case.




    • Dear Rochelle,

      I was trying to think of a fitting name for the captain, and that’s the name that came to mind. When I considered the storyline, and the Love Boat, I thought it worked; though some may not get the reference. Thank you.



    • I haven’t seen the movie, and had forgotten the history of the Titanic as you mentioned–maybe my mind blotted it out, not wanting to see that side of mankind, freya. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  3. This make me cold in side… and it resonates with the missuse of the word freedom that can never come without obligations… and therefore freedom cannot mean free… call it the chains of freedom … great story that resonates deep in my chest.


  4. When people are scared, they’ll do whatever it takes for self-preservation. I thought about that when the wealthy were stockpiling items for Y2K. You’d better be ready to defend your cache, for the have-nots will rob and kill those who have.


  5. I was immediately reminded of the film Titanic where the poor people were stuck below decks while the rich got first pick of the life boats. Your passengers have gone one further and actually chucked them off the boat 😦
    Great writing.


    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, draliman. Someone else mentioned the Titanic, I think I need to watch that movie; but on second thought, not sure I would enjoy it, knowing what I know now.


  6. Captain Steubing? That made me chuckle…and now I have the Love Boat theme in my head! Tragedy has a way of bringing out what’s in people’s hearts – the selfishness, or the goodness to help others.


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