Weekly Photo Challenge–An Unusual Point of View

I chased a Tiger Swallowtail around the butterfly bush. Now you know how I get my daily exercise.

backyard 2013 004
From above…
...and below.
…and below.

Linking to Weekly Photo Challenge where you can find more photos taken with an unusual point of view.


43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–An Unusual Point of View

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  2. Hi Pattis Well that was an interesting challenge. I think if I had been doing this I might have phtographed something that people may not know what it was (that way up)even though they would know it if it had been photographed in the normal way! I am sure this sounds Irish!!!


    1. You should join in the fun, Margaret. We had plans to go to the botanical garden, but had to change them. Since I didn’t get to take photos, I sorted through what I had on hand and settled on these.


  3. Good capture.
    On Saturday a hummingbird flitted to a lily…before I could change lenses, point and focus…it was gone. I kept the lens on the rest of the afternoon as that miss was just a reminder to be ready… PS it didn’t come back.


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