Week in Review

view from daughter's backyard

view from daughter’s backyard

Our granddaughter had her wisdom teeth extracted last week, so I went up to document with photos help out. She was faithful to use her ice packs, and didn’t get the typical “chipmunk cheeks.” So I took the above photo from the backyard, instead. 

And this:

There was a LOT of this last week.

There was a LOT of this last week.

C spent more time on the chair adjusting the chains than sitting on the swing.
I didn’t recall taking so many photos; but when I downloaded them,  I remembered Z had wanted to take “a picture” with my iPhone. She got quite a few like this, a rock, a frisbee, and some just plain grass.


Z took pictures like this.

I should have let her take the picture of B, since hers come out better! IMG_0989

What did you do last week? 


23 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. HI Pattis Glad you had a ggood time withyour grandchidlren they all look like they are having fun. You ask what I did last week, well I am still on holiday on the Isle of Wight and my happenings are all on my blog.


  2. OUCH! It sounds like your granddaughter was good about following the dentist’s advice, so, hopefully, she is feeling much better now! I never had my wisdom teeth pulled… which might explain why my teeth look like my teeth! I wish I had your granddaughters courage in the face of dentistry!


    • I did have a great time with them, Arindam. It’s nice to be back with my blogging family this week. I find joy and happiness in the interactions with my online buddies, too.


    • Isn’t that great about a whole new, unblemished week, and the cares of the previous one swept under the rug by the weekend. They do have a great view, though the vegetation has grown a lot, too. It’s not as visible from the backyard as it used to be. When the leaves are gone in winter, that will change again.


    • It is pretty peaceful there, Nicola. Even the kids seem to take a break from playing to soak it all in. My grandson has to see how far he can throw rocks. 🙂 He has a pretty good arm for six years old.


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