Random 5 Friday

Random 5 Friday: where you share five things about you, your life, kids, pets, whatever. Come check it out. 

MacArthur Mall mermaid
MacArthur Mall mermaid

1. I have another Norfolk mermaid to share. I was surprised she has no facial features. Something about her makes me think of a Hershey’s kiss. Or maybe it’s just one of those chocolate cravings. 

2. My eight-year-old granddaughter attended her first NFL game this week. She picked the Baltimore Ravens as “her” team last year–partly because she likes purple–and then watched them go all the way to win the Super Bowl. Our son-in-law got tickets to one of the Ravens’ pre-season games for a daddy/daughter date. Not bad for a Cowboys fan–he’s a keeper!

3. Today the office furnishings were moved to the new distribution center. Hubby and his team will work tomorrow (Saturday) to get everything in place and ready for business on Monday. 

4. I’ll spend several days helping out at our daughter’s next week, and am looking forward to seeing them. The baby is four months old already! 

5. I tried to take pictures in the backyard today, but the camera wasn’t working as it should. I hope it’s just a humidity problem.

My posts and blog visits may be a bit sporadic next week, but I’ll try to keep in touch. I should be back in time for Random 5 Friday