Random 5 Friday

another Norfolk mermaid
another Norfolk mermaid

1. I finally have another capture for the mermaid fans out there. She is located in front of a women’s clinic; I’ve been told she resembles the doctor’s wife.

2. My little backyard bunny and I had a talk yesterday. When I took birdseed out, it was across the yard near the butterfly bush. I filled the feeder and turned around and it was between me and the back door. We stood very still, looking at each other. I told it I was concerned that it wasn’t nearly as afraid of me as it should be–and with that, it darted off and out of sight. I’ll miss that little stinker.

3. Our daughter and her family just returned from vacation in Maine. They had a wonderful time, perfect weather, but didn’t get to see a real moose. 

4. Details are being finalized at work, and the warehouse move is complete. Next week offices will be moved, and hubby will work closer to home. I will have to remember to go to the right location to pick him up for our weekly lunch date. 

5. I have shopping to do today, so I’m out of here! Have a great weekend! 


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