Friday Fictioneers 16 August 2013

Copyright--Roger Bultot

Copyright–Roger Bultot



Mike and Sue packed and headed east in their quest for the change of seasons.

Sue smiled with delight when the fragrant blossoms of spring tickled her nose. Mike bought a lawn mower and Benadryl.  

The summer sun warmed the shore beneath their feet, a bit reminiscent of Arizona, except for the endless expanse of water before them.

Cool autumn nights brought brilliant color to the leaves. They lingered over coffee and watched the breeze billow the curtains when a thunderous crash shook the entire house. Racing to the door, they found a tree resting on their Nissan Maxima. “I guess this is why they call it fall.”

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52 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 16 August 2013

    • I remember, you were removing several not too long ago, Georgette. That’s a big issue with all the water a hurricane brings, then add the winds, too. The pines snap off at the top and the hardwoods are uprooted.


  1. Great punch line!
    I enjoyed this evocative description;
    They lingered over coffee and watched the breeze billow the curtains when a thunderous crash …
    I know it is a flash (so we couldn’t) I would have liked more story on the move, on this couple. Maybe there is a longer piece there? (Hopes) 🙂


    • As I recall, you have a vehicle that can’t be replaced, Pix. This is, if my recaller is working…Around here, it’s either a tree on it or water in it. Thankfully, we’ve not had to deal with those.


      • I don’t know about a vehicle that can’t be replaced. I am all curious now about what you are thinking about. Both of our vehicles could be replaced. One I would like to send over a cliff. The other I love. But I am always ready for a new car! 😀 I AM my father’s daughter.. 🙂


    • We don’t see much in the way of ice, usually, Joseph, but the Williamsburg area (about an hour up the road) had an ice storm one year. It was still on the trees when we traveled through, and several trees were on the ground alongside the interstate where they had been cleared from travel lanes. Thanks for taking the time to read, glad you enjoyed it.


    • Sure can, jwd, it’s even available in store brands. Probably not prescription strength. I’ve noticed it is the ingredient in the P.M. pain relievers to help one sleep. It was always good for that drowsy effect. Thanks for stopping by to read.


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