25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–One Shot, Two Ways

    1. Ha! They don’t usually hang around too long, Robert, unless they’ve found dinner. Then I don’t want to scare them and have to clean up in case they leave without requesting a take-out box. It kills my neck to focus up in the tree, so that doesn’t help, either.


    1. Thanks, Meg. I went for a walk today, and thought I saw one circling high above the neighborhood. When hubby got home, he found a pile of pigeon feathers near the back door–a sure sign one had visited.


  1. I hope this isn’t a duplicate comment. I don’t think my first one went through. I’m using my iPad and I’m never quite sure about it.

    Great catch, Patti. I a solute lay love the eyes in the first one. Are they really green?


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