Weekly Photo Challenge–One Shot, Two Ways

The prompt for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is One Shot, Two Ways, employing both portrait and landscape views of the same subject. Here’s mine:

my cards 012

I found some photos of a Cooper’s Hawk that fit the Weekly Photo Challenge.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–One Shot, Two Ways

    1. Ha! They don’t usually hang around too long, Robert, unless they’ve found dinner. Then I don’t want to scare them and have to clean up in case they leave without requesting a take-out box. It kills my neck to focus up in the tree, so that doesn’t help, either.


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    1. Thanks, Meg. I went for a walk today, and thought I saw one circling high above the neighborhood. When hubby got home, he found a pile of pigeon feathers near the back door–a sure sign one had visited.


  2. I hope this isn’t a duplicate comment. I don’t think my first one went through. I’m using my iPad and I’m never quite sure about it.

    Great catch, Patti. I a solute lay love the eyes in the first one. Are they really green?


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