Random 5 Friday–8/8/2013

The Wheel of Time has spun and here we are at Random 5 Friday once again. Won’t you join us? Share five things about you, your life, children, pets, whatever. We’re waiting. 


1. Maine has been the desire of my daughter’s heart for many years. Her dream is coming true this week. 

2. Our son-in-law has been working out like crazy. He’s participating in a Spartan Sprint 5K this weekend, running through mud, obstacles and all other manner of torture. Three of the grandchildren will be running in the Jr. Spartan Race, they’ve been working out too! So proud of all of them.


I'm glad I don't have to compete against them!
I’m glad I don’t have to compete against them!

3. We’ve had the craziest summer weather this year. Our garden has a nice mixture of wilt from heat and powdery mildew from rain. The 90s have returned, but we had a very nice reprieve the past couple of weeks. 

4. My hair looks better today–after sleeping on it–than it did yesterday when I “fixed” it. There’s just no telling with curly hair what one is going to get. Every day’s a surprise. 

5. I started writing 100-word stories from a picture prompt at Friday Fictioneers and am having a lot of fun with it. The prompt is posted on Wednesday, and can be done any time within the following week. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at it, this is a great group. Constructive criticism and encouragement are offered unless you don’t want it–a great way to exercise those writing muscles. 

Those are my five offerings for Random 5 Friday. Have a great weekend!

34 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday–8/8/2013

  1. How exciting for your daughter! I’ve always wanted to visit Maine too. It just seems like it would be a beautiful, interesting place. Good luck to the grandchildren in their race!


  2. I broke into a sweat just seeing the rope. It reminds me of my junior high P.E. days when we were supposed to climb all the way up and touch the rafters. I couldn’t even inch past the bottom knot. I had to smile at the pic of your grandkids. Your grandson looks so serious, like he means business! Too cute 🙂


    1. I could never do the rope, either, Janna. Maybe the trick is to have bare feet? (yeah, right)
      Jae’s wearing his game face. She sent me pictures of them dressed and ready to go this morning–same facial expression.


    1. She is, Georgette. She’s been carrying her younger sisters, I’m sure that’s helped. They’ve always enjoyed the monkey bars and rings. Their dad got them a nice set-up for training recently. They have the yard where all the neighborhood kids come to play.


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