Friday Fictioneers–9 August 2013–P.R.

Here are this week’s photo prompt and 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers.

Copyright--Renee Heath
Copyright–Renee Heath


Next up, a story you’ll see only here on News Channel 4, right after this message from our sponsor…

…As mentioned before the break, our on-the-street reporter captured what appears to be a ballerina at the corner of Chicago and Evans doing the Chicken Dance. What is going on out there, Mike?

That’s right, Sue. The local Chicken or the Egg restaurant is holding auditions for a new mascot. The three finalists, two people and a statue, are vying for this coveted public relations position. Viewers may vote their choice by texting “Guy,” “Girl,” or “Statue” to  51559. Back to you…

For the rules, if you want to join the fun, or to read what others have written, click here: Friday Fictioneers. 

Thanks, Rochelle!