Share Your World–2013 Week 26

There it is, in black and white (or yellow, depending on your browser/reader). We have hit the half-way mark of the year. I hope the second half doesn’t go nearly as fast as the first! Cee, our lovely hostess with the mostess, has four new questions for us this week. So, let’s GO! 

1. Are you left- or right-handed?
I know the answer to this one! Right-handed. 

2. Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you’re going to say?
For a business call I usually have an idea of what I want to say/ask; and also when placing a take-out order. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how well-rehearsed the conversation is. Like calling a doctor’s office and having prepared what to say, then getting a recording that asks for your name, spelled-out, social security number, phone number, birth date, etc. By then I forgot why I called! 

3. Crunchy Peanut Butter or Smooth Peanut Butter? Anything with your peanut butter?
Crunchy Peanut Butter. Extra-chunky–even better! A spoon goes very well with it. Also Welch’s grape jelly on whole-grain bread, or celery. 

4. How many rings before you answer the phone?
The land line with answering machine is set to minimum number of rings, two I think. Calls go to the answering machine for screening, and because the battery in the handset usually needs to be recharged. The number of rings on the cell is directly proportionate to how far I have to go to find where I left it. 

Thanks for taking it easy on us this week, Cee. If you want to create your own post, check out Cee’s blog for instructions, or leave your replies in the comment section below. I always enjoy reading them. Now, Share YOUR World


28 thoughts on “Share Your World–2013 Week 26

  1. Thanks for sharing your world! The questions are easier this week than some. Whew!
    1) right-handed
    2) Yes. Sadly, I often make bullet point notes if I have several questions
    3) Creamy peanut butter. Add some strawberry preserves and it’s almost dessert.
    4) You’re supposed to answer it? Oh, my cell phone I almost always answer. The home phone, hardly ever. People we want to talk to know to call our cell phones.


    • Hi, Janna! Thanks for playing along. My brain didn’t hurt after this week’s questions! I tried strawberry preserves with pb once, but I missed the grape jelly.


    • Thanks, galan12. I appreciate the follow. Even with the do-not-call registry, there are still calls that are exempt because we do business with them. (Banks, etc.)


  2. Good Morning Patti! Yes, I think this is an easier week for questions.
    1. Right-handed.
    2. Yes I do and sometimes I run it by CH.
    3. Smooth peanut butter! With chili for sure. Also a spoonful of Jif Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and PB is a delight.. 😀
    4. We don’t have a home phone. No rings for my cell. I have a Smokey Robinson song for a ringtone. I hardly ever worry about getting to my cell to answer. Most family and friends text. Kinda drives me nuts because I would prefer to hear someBODY’s voice. I really am not a phone chatter.


    • Good afternoon, Pix! Ah, yes, there are some amazing new flavors on the peanut butter aisle. I still haven’t tried it with chili–need to do that! If the weather stays cool, it will be chili season. That’s one of the pluses to cold weather. I’ve been thinking about adding a song as a ringtone, but can’t decide which one. I’m not a phone chatter, either.


  3. Good morning! Here are my answers:
    1.) Right
    2.) I used to rehearse phone calls I had to make. But I think experience teaches us, so that, for the most part, that isn’t necessary. But I do make notes!
    3.)Crunchy. Oh, and Patti, be careful eating peanut butter alone – it can get stuck in your throat, and there’s NO way to remove it….!
    4.) I agree with Janna. Folks reach us on our cell phones, and I’m with you, Patti: depends on how long it takes me to find it – or dig it out of my pocket or purse!
    Have a good day!


    • Good afternoon, Dianna! Thanks for the advice on #3. I bought almond butter recently, and dipped a spoonful. I was surprised at how thick and sticky it was. I’ll only put that in a smoothie, or something baked. It was not a good feeling. Re #4, the harder it is to get out of the pocket or purse is determined by how quiet the surroundings and how loud the ringer. You have a good day, too.


    • I’ve thought about getting rid of the land line, Theresa, but so many business-related things are tied to that number. I don’t like change! LOL Or should I say, making all the necessary changes.


  4. I love this answer:

    Are you left- or right-handed?
    I know the answer to this one! Right-handed.

    I know I’m right-handed and yet when I’m giving directions I still say the wrong way. “Just turn left, I mean right, I mean left.”


  5. 1. Right
    2. Somtimes I think it through, but I never rehearse it. But then, who needs to rehearse calls to family and loved ones? My business phone call days are largely over. I don’t recall rehearsing them then either. But then the days of having a good memory or recall are pretty much over as well.
    3. I usually eat smooth. But now that you reminded me of chunky, I’m going to the store to get some.
    4. I rarely answer my land-line now that Mom has died. She was the only person who ever called me on that number that I cared to speak to. I try to answer my phone as soon as I can get to it. From one ring to calling back after I missed the call running through my house searching for my phone.


    • Thanks for taking part this week, Christine. I can identify with #2. If I have more than one question, I try to write it down in case my mind goes blank in the process! Hope you are enjoying your chunky peanut butter. Yum. I saw myself in your answer to #5, too. 🙂


  6. “…running through my house searching for my phone.” That happens here way too often, Christine! Or the moment I realize it’s not with me, then the search begins. Sometimes I have to call it from the landline to find it.


  7. 1. Right
    2. Yup. Often. Sometimes I even try to write down a few notes. It never goes to plan, though – in the end I always trip on my tongue in all kinds of awkward, anyway.
    3. Yes. Both. Any. All.
    4. My ringtone is a song… so… I’m a bit confused about the conversion factor / translation into where the actual ‘rings’ are taking place.


    • That’s true about having a song for a ringtone. I’d probably be dancing, singing along and forget it was a call coming in. Maybe I should stick with a normal ring, Robert.


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