Weekly Photo Challenge–Foreshadow


The flocking of birds foreshadows migration and the change of season.

Our internet service is down, may not be restored until Wednesday. I look forward to visiting your blogs when life returns to normal. Weekly Photo Challenge


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Foreshadow

  1. When I see large groups of birds, I always think of Alfred Hitchcock. Maybe it’s healthier to think of change of seasons instead! See you when you’re back online. Sometimes no internet is a good thing – you can get other stuff done šŸ™‚


    • That movie has probably scarred a generation for life, Janna! One can get stuff done if they aren’t constantly resetting modems and cable boxes and hanging on the phone. In other words, I’ve not accomplished much today.


  2. Sometimes I get just a little creeped out when I see a big flock of birds in a tree. Too much Alfred Hitchcock, I guess.

    Too bad about your internet. I hope all is well now.


    • The internet came back later that day. Still waiting on cable. The service tech came this morning…and left before I even knew he’d come to the door. Rescheduled for tomorrow…


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