Random 5 Friday–August 2, 2013

Here are my Random 5 Friday thoughts:

1. It’s almost midnight, and I’m finally getting around to typing my Friday post.

2. Hubby is just now heading home from work. They are in the midst of moving to a new location.

 3. My daughter sent me a message this week asking if I’d be able to come up for a few days the end of the month. Heck, Yeah! (Sorry, I got excited about it).

4. It appears bamboo, or something equally invasive, is trying to take over the property line to the east. It’s like an underground monster continually burrowing and popping up in strange places. 

5. I was surprised to learn today that Barry Gibb, eldest brother of the Bee Gees was on The Grand Ole Opry earlier this year. 

That’s my Random 5 Friday.  The blue links will take you to Nancy’s blog, A Rural Journal, where you can find the rules if you want to join or see what others have written. Happy weekend!8616512946_a8c5cf857d_o


27 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday–August 2, 2013

    • Yes, I think so, Beth. I have some Bee Gees songs on iTunes, and I got to wondering what he’s doing now. Musicians don’t usually disappear from the music scene.


    • That stuff is other-worldly, Theresa. I was reading about it, it can grow three feet underground for as far as it wants, with little plants branching off and heading for the surface. I found some mingling in a large azalea when I pruned it, another one shot up in the midst of the irises. Now tons of little ones keep appearing in that bed. I’m thinking dynamite. 😉


  1. Bamboo can make a great barrier, but it grows fast and it spreads. Sorry, you seem to be dealing with bamboo that you didn’t plant!

    Have fun visiting your daughter! I really would have loved to move to Virginia Beach or Richmond, but our daughter and grandchildren are in Northern Virginia, and that is where we are headed at the end of the month 🙂 I feel your excitement!


    • I’m not sure if it is bamboo, that’s what we thought at first, but it doesn’t look like the canes. It spreads like it, though. I’ll be in Fredericksburg the last week of August. With your family in NOVA, it makes more sense to be near them rather than try to get there with traffic. How long has it been since you’ve seen them? I know you must be excited! Will you be moving permanently, or visiting?


    • I am looking forward to visiting, Pix. It’s a quiet day here, hubby’s at work again. Two more weekends of work and they’ll be in their new location. They’ll have a break in between those two weeks with the employee appreciation dinner. I’m having a hard time keeping track of what day it is with him working seven days a week. Enjoy your visit and shopping. I hope you’ll share your new daybed with us when you get it dressed. Will it be in the new room, too?


      • Seven days a week is no fun and I am sure you will both be happy when the relocation is complete. Yes, the new daybed is for the little room. I have reclaimed it as mine as first intended.. 🙂 It is being delivered today but the daybed bedding doesn’t come for a couple of weeks. I will share a picture. I found a darling area rug. Stuck the leather chair in the great room and CH took the other one as his chair in the family room!


  2. Fun randomness, Patti. We have been fighting off mint plants in our garden. We though we had all of it out of there, but it keeps popping up amongst our veggies. Have fun at your daughter’s house later this month!


    • I’ve heard mint is invasive, Janna. We also mint in the bed the “whatever” is trying to take over. Maybe I should let them fight it out? At least mint is low growing, it wouldn’t turn into a jungle. I hope.


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