Friday Fictioneers–Deep Goo–2 August 2013

Copyright--Jennifer Pendergast

Copyright–Jennifer Pendergast

Welcome to my post for this week’s adventure with  Friday Fictioneers

101 words (only 99 were used last week, so I had one left over)

It was an ordinary day in Paradise when a voice crackled over the radio,“Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!”

“I repeat, Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!”  

“Quantico, B-Z-B Chopper 2 here, we have an emergency!”

“On approach to the Apiary, we find the atmosphere completely pollinated. Worker Bees are on strike, beating the nectar out of each other. Colony Collapse Disorder is eminent! Honey gushes from every comb and we are in deep goo.”

Quite a buzz rose in the war room at Quantico as the alarm sounded; the Queen was notified, and a solution agreed upon.   

“We’re sending an F-18 Super Hornet to extract you.”

The rules, and more stories can be found at Rochelle’s blog. Won’t you join us for Friday Fictioneers?



59 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers–Deep Goo–2 August 2013

  1. Very, very funny! Great job! I have not heard of Friday Fictioneers. Flash fiction is hard for me, but I think there is a session on it at this year’s writing conference.


    • I saw that, 2:30 on Friday. I opted for “Crossing the Border from Fact to Fiction.” There were so many good sessions listed! More than once I had to decide between two.


    • After posting, I starting questioning facts, but then I remember it is fiction, after all. I’m used to the Naval Air Station at Oceana here in VB, but thought at first the chopper was going to be Marine One or Marine Two–hence I went with Quantico. Glad you liked it, Pix.


    • That’s what I keep reading/hearing everywhere, so maybe it is sinking in, Jennifer. Thanks for the photo! Fiction is something I’ve always avoided writing, but I’m having fun with these photo prompts.


  2. Well done, Patti. Just another tricky day in paradise. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting the nectar beat out of me trying to come up with ideas based on these weekly prompts. It’s very addictive.


    • I don’t think I’d want to see one that big, Janna, but I have a level of comfort knowing it won’t slip in the little bathroom exhaust fan unit like smaller bees.


  3. Loved the idea of deep goo… and the thought if an F-18 Super Hornet has left me wondering about Paradise!! You obviously had fun with this and it shows, well done


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