That One Time I Went Camping

I’ve noticed other bloggers taking part in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop on Thursdays. This week, I thought I’d check it out. Mama Kat posts five prompts to choose from, and I chose #2, “That One Time You Went Camping.” 

Those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time know my idea of  camping is staying at Motel 6. But there was ONE time…

I had a sweet friend in middle school, Karen. Karen’s parents owned a small camper on two wheels that could be towed behind a vehicle–a Serro Scotty camper. The only camping I’d ever done was beneath the old bedspread draped across the clothesline in our backyard, so you can imagine my jaw-dropping reaction to see such a camping vehicle.

One weekend, I was invited to go camping with Karen’s family–her dad, mom, and little brother. All in that little camper. How versatile it was inside! Things folded and unfolded to create a small booth for dining, beds for sleeping, it was quite the invention. It had a bathroom with shower that wasn’t big enough to turn around in, but hey, it was a bathroom! 

Karen’s dad skillfully parked the camper on a tiny plot of land at the campground, and connected the gas and plumbing. Then we were off to swim!

There was a small body of water, a lake or pond within walking distance.  All I remember is it was the dirty brown color of mud, with chunks of green algae floating on top. Not much swimming took place. 

For dinner, her dad lit the charcoal and grilled hamburgers. That might have been the best hamburger I’d ever eaten. Dinner was followed by toasting marshmallows, also a first for me.  When darkness closed in, we retreated to the camper where everything had been made into beds, and drifted off to sleep…eventually.

That’s it for my camping adventure. Thanks for coming along. Check out Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop and see what others wrote about. 


23 thoughts on “That One Time I Went Camping

    • Thank you, Darlene. I can only imagine, maybe you should share that story. 🙂 I did like the trailer, though hubby says he doesn’t want to haul one down the road, and all that goes with it.


  1. I’m so glad you’ve discovered Mama Kat’s! Although I don’t participate every week, I’ve had a lot of fun with some of the prompts. Loved your camping story; thanks for including a link to a picture of the camper. It really doesn’t look large enough for all those folks!


    • I’ve see your posts, and finally decided to give it a try, Dianna. It’s amazing how many little details are hidden away in our brain, just waiting to be called upon. I was glad to find a photo that represented it.


  2. Cute story 🙂

    You know, I’ve just realized I’ve never been camping! But, I too know I’m not really a Camper type. I like my comforts too much, and I don’t like creepy things.


  3. Were the marshmallows roasted over an open fire? Why do hamburgers grilled by someone else over charcoal taste so delicious?

    I like camping. In a tent. Get a spot not far from the facilities. Never in the primitive area. Electricity for brewing coffee is a must. A lake or stream near the tent is a plus. A wooded area with lots of wildlife means a lot. Leave the children home. Ha! Just kidding about that. They make it even more fun. As long as you get up earlier than they do to enjoy nature while sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee.


    • It sounds like you have a bit of camping experience under your belt, Carol Ann. I was in Girl Scouts, but we didn’t camp, or I wasn’t allowed to go. Either way, it was something I’d never done.


  4. Sweet memory Patti! Eating camping food is the best thing about camping. Ick on the muddy brown pond. I can remember swimming in our horse ponds when I was little/younger. I can’t imagine what I was thinking.. 😯 I am not a camper.. 🙂 I want a nice clean bathroom with a tub preferably all to myself.


  5. Yes, that is the way to camp! We have a pop-up trailer similar to that that we like to take camping (it has a heater if it’s cold!). For me, camping it as a child was roughing it. We were high-class when we got cots for inside the tents! Oh, and no heater…if it was cold, we huddled closer and shivered more 🙂


  6. Patti! For a long time, I thought I was following your blog until I realized that I was not! So here I am, now an official follower and I find this wonderful post! Believe it or not, I was just talking to a friend about tent camping and I told him my story about the first (and only) time I went tent camping.
    But actually our family happens to own a medium size travel trailer so I totally relate to your story. Now I am inspired to write about our adventures in trailer camping cross country. I am also inspired to try out tent camping again (probably just with hubby) at a campground I just discovered near the beach. Ok, maybe like Carol Ann (her comment above), I will take the kids too.


  7. I had to answer on this, Patti. 🙂 My one time was once with each wife. Each was unique in its own. I will never forget either until I have dementia. And maybe not then.


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