Friday Fictioneers–Coastal Storm

I’m trying something new today, spreading my wings. I have got to do those upper arm exercises! 

Linking to Friday Fictioneers. This link will take you to Rochelle’s website in case you want to participate, or read what others have written.

Copyright-Douglas M Macilroy

Copyright-Douglas M Macilroy

The rays of sun filtering softly through the clouds belie the fact an angry storm makes its way toward land. Thrill seekers arrive from near and far to raise a toast to Nature’s display of power. Surfers are drawn to the great swells of tide where calmer waters typically abide.

Ominous clouds the light obscure, winds increase, and waves pound the unprotected shore. The parties move inside, glad to imbibe to cover their fright. The lion does not sleep this night.

Come morning, Sun appears, for at dawn the storm veers, plotting its path to another seaside destination.

Let me know what you think of this entry for Friday Fictioneers. Should I stick to posting pictures of birds? 


51 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers–Coastal Storm

  1. I felt like I was there, along the shore, watching the storm move in…you should definitely do this more often…not that I don’t absolutely adore your pictures of birds…


    • I’ve always heard, “Write what you know.” Living on the coast, this is a subject with which I am familiar. I’m glad you could feel it, too, Patti. Oh, I’m sure the birds will still be around. 🙂


  2. Patti, welcome to the Fictioneers where storms of some sort rage each week! You have some lovely poetic turns of phrase in your story and a reminder about the power of nature and how we flout that power at our own risk.



  3. Dear Patti,

    Welcome aboard. I felt for a little while that I should take cover from the storm. ;). Careful this is Friday Fictioneers thing is addictive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.




  4. Hi Patti, welcome to the party! After recent storms here, you really conjure the menace and promise they hold in these words. I loved “The Lion does not sleep this night” – had a dual meaning for me, of their parties and of the powerful nature outside.


    • Thanks, Jennifer! I appreciate that you shared what it meant to you, it’s nice to know someone “gets” it. 🙂 I look forward to reading your take on the photo.


  5. This reminded me of a programme I watched this week on the Japanese tsunami. People were actually out near the beach to watch… Nature captured well in this.


  6. I, too, enjoyed that sentence: The lion does not sleep this night. Storms make us restless. Great photo with your narrative. Keep surprising us with more writing exercises. I like it. Blessings to you, Patti…


  7. Beautiful, Patti, with some gorgeous phrases in this little tale.

    Welcome on board the Fictioneers bus … it’s hard to get off once you’re on (although my co-author and I tend to miss weeks at a time due to other priorities … but we always come back!)


  8. I’m a fan of diversity, and I think it’s great you spread your wings and tried something new. Your descriptions are vivid and some sentences were so poetic. You should absolutely try it again (but only the upper arm exercises if you feel you must :))


  9. Patti,
    Welcome! Troy pointed out to me that we both used the word imbibe this week. So, I came to see for myself and sure enough, in your wonderfully written flash, there it is…imbibe. It’s such an unusual word. I used it because it rhymes with tribe. Funny. You should definitely keep writing. I love to watch storms roll in. Nicely done.


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