Wild Bird Wednesday 53

I know it’s Thursday, but according to Stewart’s linky at Paying Ready Attention, I still have three hours left to get this post done. I guess he knew there’d be days weeks like this. I haven’t gotten many bird photos, but I do have some Blue Jay acrobatics to share. 

Double Leg Hang

Double Leg Hang

Double back flip with rotation

Double back flip with rotation


Perfect landing

Perfect landing

That’s it for Wild Bird Wednesday. Stop by and see the amazing birds posted by others.




24 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 53

    • They are fun to interact with, TBM. When I sit outside, I bring a few peanuts in the shell with me, which catches their attention. Once, I tossed a peanut into the air, and the Jay swooped off the eave and grabbed it before it hit the ground..


  1. Great bird – I wish I could hang upside down one one leg – although when I think about it I dont really know when it would be needed!!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

    Stewart M – Melbourne


  2. I love Blue Jays but they’re very elusive around my feeders (seems like I have every other species but those). Are those peanuts in your feeders? Is that the trick to luring them to visit?


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