Wild Bird Wednesday 52–House Sparrow

This week on Wild Bird Wednesday, I’m featuring the ever-prolific House Sparrow. They are a common bird, and often overlooked. 

Though a non-native bird to the U.S., House Sparrows can be found throughout the nation. They were introduced into Brooklyn, New York in the 1850s and within fifty years were found as far west as the Rocky Mountains.

They can be seen hanging around and inside traffic-light fixtures, signs on businesses, and begging food at any outdoor eatery.  

Many birds in the United States are protected species; however the humble House Sparrow’s nests can be destroyed without fear of punishment. They are known to run native birds, like bluebirds, out of nesting boxes. 

House Sparrows

House Sparrows

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and now fly over to Stewart’s Wild Bird Wednesday and see what others have found to share. You can link up your bird photos, too, and join in the fun. 


33 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 52–House Sparrow

  1. House Sparrows are all over – even out here in Australia – and they are increasing – I had some in my garden for the first time a week or so ago!


    • I’m not surprised they are all over, Mick. In the recent photos I got of them, I couldn’t believe there was not a single male sparrow sporting the black “beard.”


  2. I have tons of sparrows here but I still like to watch them even if they are “ordinary”. My nephew, an avid birder, told me once that there are no ordinary birds. 🙂 I told him I stood corrected.


    • I overheard a conversation about their nesting habits in Wild Birds Unlimited (where I buy birding supplies) one day. They said the sparrows will kill the bluebirds. Thanks, Christine. They were all the way across the yard from my kitchen window, so I’m glad they were recognizable in the photo.


  3. We don’t have many house sparrows here on the Tiny Ten. We do all we can to keep them away. They were wreaking havoc on our Bluebirds. I think they went to the house down the road.. 🙂 It’s a cute snap Patti and I love your trellis, guess the sparrows do too!


    • I’ve heard they don’t get along well with bluebirds, Pix. My niece lives behind us, that is her trellis. I thought it was very sweet of her to put it there for the birds. 🙂


  4. Such a fortunate place for them to light for a pretty photo! They are such solid little birds. I enjoyed watching some this morning. It seems that they’re not afraid of the more aggressive birds–like blue jays–especially if peanuts are offered! 🙂


  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a house-sparrow here in this neck of the woods. I am going to keep an eye open for them. 🙂


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