Weekly Photo Challenge–Nostalgic

Lacking digital photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge that spoke Nostalgic to me, I dove into the archives–all those boxes of processed prints that record a lifetime. That’s where I’ve been, in case you noticed I was late posting today. I got a little carried away, lingered a bit longer than intended, but enjoyed visiting people and places that are now only a memory. 

The photo I’ve chosen is of me, at Christmas, with my bottle of Black Label beer. There was a television ad at the time, with a catchy jingle, “Mabel, Black Label…” Being proof that commercials appeal to our senses and create a desire for their products, by golly, I wanted one for Christmas! My family, the comedic bunch they are, obliged. I don’t remember being allowed to open it, but then, I’ve heard stories of people who imbibe and then can’t remember anything about it afterward…

Thanks for joining me for the Weekly Photo Challenge–Nostalgic.

Clicking the link will take you to more nostalgic photos from around the world.

Also linking to Memory Monday, where more memories are shared.


33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Nostalgic

  1. My 50th birthday was last week and my older sisters thought it would be a blast from the past to post pictures of me from childhood days. I loved it, and got the last laugh because they are old enough to remember what was going on and I didn’t remember either of the pics they posted.


  2. Cute picture, Patti! It’s amazing that I have a photo taken of me on a tricycle in front of a Christmas tree – looks so much like the setting of your photo!


  3. I have a vague memory of my mother saying that when I was small that I also used to constantly say, “Mabel, Black Label”–and that my parents were appalled that I had picked it up from a radio ad. (I don’t think that we had a TV). That jingle must have really appealed to little kids.


  4. Black Label…too funny I think I remember the jingle, you look like you’re singing it in the cute picture. I too love looking at the old photo’s and you can spend lots of time doing it. Thanks for linking up, hope to see you next Monday. Now I need to find out what your nostalgic one is all about.


  5. Patti, I love this photo! It actually brings back some memories for me. My father used to have a small refrigerator in the basement, and the only thing in it was Black Label. There was a lot of beer in there 🙂

    I pulled out a few old photos, too. I also enjoyed looking through photos I haven’t glimpsed in a long time.


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