Random 5 Friday

Joining with Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday.8616512946_a8c5cf857d_o

1. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day.
2. We’ll be heading off to see the grandchildren SOON, so I may not get to visit your blogs until next week. It looks like I might have a hard time getting my hands on the baby, though. 

photo credits to Taylor McElvy

photo credits to Taylor McElvy   

3. The black-eyed susans are no longer being shy.IMG_0809

4. I was in the kitchen when a pigeon flew into the window. It gave me quite a start, being so loud; I went out to see if it was in the yard, which it was. I thought most certainly its neck was broken as it lay there, feet in the air. After donning disposable gloves, I gently picked it up, the head came around to align with the feet and it tried to fly. It spent the morning on the patio, and walked around to the back of the shed while I filled birdbaths and watered plants. I hope it will be okay.
5. Several of its friends/family went for a dip. backyard 2013 042

I hope you’ve found a place to stay cool, or warm, depending on which hemisphere you reside. Have a great weekend!




32 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday

  1. Beautiful grands! Bet you can”t wait to see them. The Black-eyed Susans are lovely and the photo of the pigeons the same. I hope the one who flew into the window recovered and was able to fly away, poor thing.


    • Thanks, Denise. I wasn’t able to find the pigeon around the yard when we got home this afternoon. When we left, it had made itself at home atop a bag of lawn debris, next to the back porch. Hopefully it recovered.


    • Aw, thanks, Beth Ann. I did get to hold Bailey, after all! But there was usually a line waiting for a turn. I’m so glad they love their little sister so much.


  2. Have fun with the new baby and the other beautiful grandkiddies. I so enjoy your “randoms.” The pigeons and the black eyed susans both look happy. And I hope the wounded pigeon finds his way again.


    • Thanks, Dor, we had a great visit. My daughter and I even had conversation! I couldn’t find the pigeon when we arrived home. I hope that was a good sign. 🙂


  3. Aw, your grand babies are SO cute! Hope you have a great visit.

    Your bird story reminded me of a time when a bird smashed into the windows of our office (city hall). We knew it was dead. It wasn’t breathing. Another bird came and was like crying over the bird, and trying to move it. From the other side of the glass I started praying for it to live, but nothing happened. After a while I got indignant, and I prophesied, “You will live and not die!” or some such words. (LOL 🙂 ). Then we almost fainted when after another wee while the bird got up and flew! Haha.


    • We had a great time, Pix. Daughter and I even got to carry on real conversation, and both of us agreed that we actually felt like we saw each other this time. Hope you had a great weekend.


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