Wild Bird Wednesday 51–Common Grackle

This week for Wild Bird Wednesday I’m sharing a juvenile Common Grackle. These birds are described as large, noisy and gregarious.
The adult Common Grackles have black iridescent feathers, and are really quite handsome birds. The adult’s eyes are yellow. As you can see, the young is dark brown all over, even its eyes.Β ??????????????????????? backyard 2013 028 backyard 2013 029

It does a good job of posing!
Stop by Stewart’s blog: Paying Ready Attention to see more birds from all around the world, and bring your bird photos to share, if you want. Everyone is welcome.

Thank you, Stewart, for hosting.


37 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 51–Common Grackle

    • There is some similarity, lulubelleliz. I looked up your raven and was surprised to find it has white eyes. That must be an interesting look! Thank you for visiting!


    • I was getting pictures of a robin enjoying the water when the grackle landed and the robin took off, Susan. It seemed unsure of what it was supposed to do.


  1. Grackles, American Crows, even the Brown Headed Cowbird and Starlings too, they remind me of toddlers with their comical goings on! Goodness Patti I googled Crows, Crow family first and was shocked at all the birds in that genus Corvus! Holy Smokes!! I got overwhelmed with Crow family, blackbirds and our Red-Winged Blackbird. After I do comments I think I am going to have to do some reading!
    Good Morning!


  2. I like to watch grackles. The black male with its iridescent sparkling blue hue is spectacular. The female is brown similar to the youth. Your photo collection of birds is magnificent, also. Blessings to you, Patti…


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