1957 Chevy for Memory Monday

Last week I was invited to participate in the Memory Monday meme on Sandy’s Space.  Hubby worked Saturday, so I picked him up and took him to lunch. On my way back home, I saw this shiny red car on the interstate, a 1957 Chevrolet.1957 Chevy

Right then, I knew what I would post for Memory Monday

The only NEW car my dad ever owned was a green ’57 Chevy, 4-door. I was around the age of two when he got it; it showed up in the background of a lot of family photos over the years. 

Some Sunday afternoons, it took us to my maternal grandparent’s house where we met up with aunts, uncles, and cousins for dinner. It would usually be late when we returned home, and often I would fall asleep in the back seat. I always awoke to the whine of the transmission when dad would downshift at our turn-off of Rt. 250. 

Then there were Sunday drives. Dad and Mom in the front seat, my youngest brother and I in the back. He  sat behind Dad, who always drove, and I sat behind Mom who never learned to drive. If anyone else ever rode with us, I got stuck in the middle, with my feet on the *hump. 

In the summer, the Chevy took us to drive-in movies. One time, an elderly neighbor went with us. She said she’d bring the popcorn, and did she ever! She filled kraft-paper grocery bags with it. 

After graduating from high school, my brother joined the Army. When he had leave, the Chevy would pick him up, or take him to a drop-off point,  where he would hitchhike back to Fort Eustis. 

We lived in West Virginia, so there was lots of snow and ice in the winter, and lots of road salt. Road salt isn’t kind to the metal body parts of a car. Some started to rust, but Dad would patch, patch, patch. The summer I was a rising senior in high school, Dad drove us to Virginia Beach to visit my two older brothers who were in the Navy. There had been a lot of rain; Richmond was flooded. I’m thinking it was from the remnants of a hurricane. I remember my feet getting wet, and Dad was surprised to find a puddle inside the car. When we returned home, he removed the rear seat and exclaimed, “There was a hole back there big enough to put a cow through!” 

Thanks, Sandy, for inviting me to join in Memory Mondayand giving me one more trip down memory lane in the old ’57 Chevy.

*The “hump” was a raised area the length of the floor of the car that straddled the drive line.


49 thoughts on “1957 Chevy for Memory Monday

  1. Hi thank you for sharing your memory. it sounds a lot like asimilar one as myself when I was young only my father has a green Moris Minor. I sat in teh’bump’ postion as I got car sick!! Memories wonderful. Margaret


    • I’ve never heard of a Morris Minor, so I looked it up, Margaret. What an interesting car. It looks like it came in different versions.
      I know all about car sickness. So thankful for the interstate system and not so many winding roads around the mountains.


  2. ’57 Chevy Convertibles were THE car – and ones that collectors seek these days. I’ve heard Motor Man said that he had a ’57 four door too.
    This is a fun meme — do you have to be invited to join?


    • No invitation necessary, Dianna. There’s a link to Sandy’s blog in the first sentence of the post. She has a tab for Memory Monday that explains how to participate. I was in the middle of leaving you a comment earlier in the day when the page refreshed on my iPhone and the comment was lost. Sorry to take so long to get back with the answer for you.


  3. The car we had growing up was a ’72 lime green Ford Gran Torino. My parents let me pick the color. I got payback for that when I drove it to high school. Not a cool color for a high schooled.


    • I think my brother had a Ford Gran Torino in ’72. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t lime, though! Who cared what color back then, Jayne? It was just important to have wheels!


  4. You and I must be the same age. I was 2 in ’57. My dad had a ’57 Chevy just like that one….black and white….and he raced it at the local race track and won a bunch of trophies over the years. I loved riding with my dad and mom in that car. We were lucky enough to get to go the the drive-in movies with my parents, too…..I also had an older brother….two years older….and they had a playground up at the front of the drive-in for all us kids to go and play until the movie started. We could hear The Lion Sleeps Tonight playing on all those speakers while we playing on the merry-go-round or swinging or sliding. I still love that song because it brings back that memory. Thanks for jolting that one back into my head with your story. 🙂


    • And we’re still here to tell about it, Cindy! 🙂 Black and white would be a sharp-looking car. Isn’t that crazy, racing the family car? It was done, though.
      Yes! I almost mentioned the playground at the drive-in. I don’t remember music playing, but it probably was. I’m glad to help you retrieve your memories!


    • Kids don’t know what they’re missing with front-wheel-drive cars, Theresa! I’ll never forget the first time I saw one without a hump. It really looked strange.


  5. NICE! How can you not love those tail-fins and all that chrome?! I remember building a fairly large-scale model of a ’57 Chevy when I was a kid (I think I might have even taken a few photographs of it… tried to make it look ‘real’). Great memories for me, too!


    • Oh, yeah, Robert. Chrome was BIG. That would have been a fun model project to work on. I don’t know if I can believe the part about you taking photographs of it…;) Thanks for joining me on memory lane!


  6. I enjoy reading about your memories. We grew up in the same time period, although I don’t think we ever had a ’57 Chevy. It’s funny how a physical item can be linked to our memories and help us retrieve them. I remember the pre-seat-belt days of lying on car seats.


  7. Awesome memory, and what a fabulous car photo. Those old cars really evoke alot of emotion. Patch Patch Patch…sounds familiar, we had an old Ford Flip Top Box we called, it. Dad should have owned stock in black magic. Is that what your Dad also used to patch. And how bout a few old license’s plates here and there? Love the bright yellow on this blog. Both my Dad and older brothers are Chuck!


    • Thanks, Sandy. I don’t remember what my dad used to patch it. Yes on the plates. Back then new ones came each time, rather than the decals used now. I hoped for my blog to represent a sunshine-y day. I’m glad you like it.


    • We used to visit old car shows whenever they gathered here, Linda. Now most of the cars are newer, have funny sounding mufflers and colorful lights underneath, etc. The classics are still spotted from time to time.


    • My dad saved up and paid cash for everything. Sometimes the coal miner’s union would strike, or there were lay-offs. I don’t think he ever had another new car after that. I like cars, too, having worked in the parts business for years. I had a ’92 Olds Toronado that I drove for 16 years. It was the most fun to drive, I had no desire for anything else.


  8. I HATED “the hump” I did, however, love my grandmother’s Oldsmobile Tornado because I got to sit on the arm rests between the two front seats! I can’t imagine my butt ever being that small LOL


  9. That hole in the back seat is frightening! Good thing the seat was sturdy so no one fell through. I am quite familiar with the hump. Being the youngest, I always had to take that seat when we had visitors. It was a good dividing line between my brother’s side of the car and mine, though. When we got my Civic several years ago, I was surprised to find there was no hump. I guess they technologied their way around that problem.


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