Random 5 Friday 6/28/13

Random 5 Friday, wow, this week went fast. That seems to be the story of my life lately. 

1. It’s been almost two months since I’ve seen our new granddaughter (and her siblings). That needs to be remedied. Soon.

2.  Thankful for ceiling fans (all fans, really), libraries, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. We need to replace our heating and a/c system. I’ve considered joining the robin. backyard 2013 024

3. I mentioned a vitex tree in a previous post. Some weren’t familiar with it, so here is a picture of ours:


The low sucker branches need to be pruned once the threat of rain passes. Here is a picture of the Vitex at our local garden center that made us want one:

Vitex at garden center
Vitex at garden center

4. The petals on the Black-eyed susan are beginning to unfurl. backyard 2013 011

5. I saw the cutest planter of assorted succulents at the garden center. Realizing I already have the perfect planter, I’m going to buy some. 

That’s it for Random 5 Friday. If you’re in the U.S., have a safe and happy 4th of July (Independence Day celebration). See you next week! 




38 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday 6/28/13

    1. Nine! You have a lot of space, Theresa, nine would be good. Maybe you need to get a small tree that is already growing, that’s what we did. Since they wouldn’t sell us the BIG one…


    1. I had never paid much attention, the ones I’ve seen along the road reminded me in size of the crepe myrtles, Dianna. Then we saw the big one at McDonald’s garden center.


  1. Wow! You must be melting over there. that is some temperature! although I cannot say we have sumer here, we are not uncomfortable. Have are great weekend. Margaret


  2. I thought we were having it rough with 102 temps for the last three days. Geez, I’m so thankful it’s not 106!

    Cute wee robin. Looks like he’s having a ball.


    1. Hopefully the cool down is headed our way, too, Pix. We do have t-storms in the forecast for the next few days, which we will welcome–as long as they behave themselves! Enjoy your weekend!


    1. I sure do, Barb. We usually try to visit once a month, so this feels much too long. I like that succulents prefer dry soil, and are low maintenance. I’m sticking close to the fan! 🙂


    1. I shall have to sniff the flowers and get back to you, Kara. It blooms in spring, then sporadically through summer and fall. It is an evergreen, and found in zones 6-10. It does look like the perfect picnic spot, now that you mention it!


  3. The Vitex tree is very beautiful and unique. The robin looks cool enough flapping its wings in the water. It made a lovely photo for us to enjoy.

    Our home thermometer reads 116 degrees! Whew! HOT! I’ve been told the winters are wonderful. I lke the cactus plants here. They are spectacular. Very tall!


    1. I’m glad you got to stop by to see the Vitex, Carol Ann. It is a beauty. You must be in the area I keep hearing about on the news, record high temps. You have a whole new landscape and area to explore, and someone to see it with. So happy for you. Blessings!


  4. I was treated to 118-degree weather last weekend, so I am also thankful for AC and fans! This post may be random, but it does have a strong nature theme through it. Organized randomness?


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