Wild Bird Wednesday 50–Rock Dove

For Wild Bird Wednesday, I’m sharing a few of our Rock Doves, though we normally refer to them as pigeons. 

The larger one on the right, with his head up, is “Bowing.” With his neck feathers puffed out, he’s making a low cooing noise, bowing his head, and spinning around in circles. I like to call it the “pigeon dance.” The girls don’t seem to be paying much attention, though.  

Pigeon "Bowing"

Pigeon “Bowing”



40 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 50–Rock Dove

    • It’s mostly cracked corn and millet with a few sunflower seeds, Carletta, inexpensive. The squirrels and pigeons both eat it, and I can put better seed in feeders they can’t get to.


    • I prefer the Mourning Doves, Dor, they are much more timid. One winter my husband counted 50 pigeons on the utility wires across from the house. That’s a few too many to feed! I’d be glad to send you some. 🙂


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