Town Center 6/2013

Another phase of construction is taking place at Virginia Beach's Town Center
Another phase of construction is taking place at Virginia Beach’s Town Center
The Armada Hoffler building reflecting sunset.
The Armada Hoffler building reflecting sunset.



41 thoughts on “Town Center 6/2013

  1. Great pictures! I’ve been enjoying your photography – you’re doing a good job of showing what’s happening in your life.

    I can’t believe I’m up late enough to be the first commenter on your post. It really is time for me to go to bed.



  2. Love that sunset reflection!
    I get so confused with all these “centers”: Town Center, Peninsula Town Center, City Center (or Centre)….! Confusing to an old mind like mine!


    1. We had just eaten at Schlotzsky’s where I happened to have my camera and the sunset at the same time, Pix. We had a little wind and rain this evening. The worst of the weather moved across the peninsula the other side of the bay to the north of us. They got the 70 mph winds. We are blessed. Did this last round of storms affect your area?


  3. Great shots Patti! And another Town Center! My husband and I just stayed at the Dulles Town Center near Leesburg. Mighty big shopping center. I thought these centers were going out of style since everybody’s shopping online!


    1. Thanks, Dor! Yes, another one, they are everywhere, it seems. They seem to have the idea if the housing is there, the residents will be able to walk to restaurants, shopping and entertainment. It seems to be going well.


  4. Usually construction means something good when it is in the town center.

    The sunlight reflecting off of the windows is beautiful. The sun can create remarkable, stunning photographs out of otherwise ordinary things. Although, I must say that is a nice looking building.


    1. It is a very pretty building, no matter what it is reflecting, Robin. The restaurant business seems to do well there, but the other shops seem to come and go.


    1. I don’t know what they have planned there, Susan. Linn thought maybe another parking garage, but if it’s like at the oceanfront, there will be retail shops on the ground floor.


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