54 thoughts on “Water World Wednesday 6/12/13

    1. I love the way water reflects things. One of my favorite pictures of my kids is of them riding in tubes behind the boat and you can see their reflection.
      I’m having issues with the like button as well. Not just your blog, but other WP blogs too.


      1. I’d never realized that much of the color we see in the water is a reflection of something else, Jayne. I’ll bet that’s a great picture of the kids riding in tubes–what fun to relive every time you see it.


    2. It does now that you mention it, Dianna. WP must be working on the “Like” button for so many to have trouble with it. I just got online, so I’ll check on that.


    3. What browser do you use, Dianna? I’ve switched back to Internet Explorer after issues with Chrome. The like button shows if I open it in Chrome, but “loading” in IE. Maybe the software senses a security glitch.


  1. Looks like you caught the tail end of a big swirl, Patti. Nice one.

    Gosh, I’m not havin’ any problems with my WP like button.
    blessings ~ maxi


  2. That is a very cool photo. It does look like a painting. I am having trouble with the like button too, says it’s loading and my orange notification button has been misbehaving for days. I miss it.. 😦


  3. You really need to capture the light just right to get a good shot of water’s reflection. You nailed it here, Patti :-).


  4. This looks a little like a satellite map image! But it’s a lovely shot of my favorite place to be….by the ocean or other large body of water!
    Visiting from Water World Wednesday.


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