Wild Bird Wednesday 47–Bald Eagle

Sunday, we had the opportunity to meet Buddy, a five-year-old Bald Eagle born at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. He contracted Avian Pox from a mosquito bite, which left him unable to survive in the wild. 

I’m linking to Wild Bird Wednesday, where you can see lots of birds from around the world. Stop by and have a look around, or bring your photos and share them. 

Buddy, Ambassador-in-training
Buddy, Ambassador-in-training

Buddy and his trainer will make appearances throughout the state to represent The Wildlife Center of Virginia, where he resides. Clicking the link will take you to their web page so you can see the work they do. One of the most popular features is the webcam, always something interesting to see there!

This photo shows how a lesion from the Avian Pox affected the growth plate on his beak.
This photo shows how a lesion from the Avian Pox affected the growth plate on his beak, preventing him from feeding independently. 

39 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 47–Bald Eagle

  1. Oh, he’s a handsome fella! Thanks for sharing. I am familiar with the work of the VA Wildlife Center having taken a few hurt critters there for help. They are an amazing organization.


    1. Buddy was still a wee eaglet in the nest when the lesion was seen on the webcam, Elizabeth. His “home” now is indoor/outdoor. He is tethered, but is able to fly from his perch to the water, to another perch. It sounds like he has a pretty good life.


  2. What a striking guy!! They reintroduced bald eagles around here (we have some pretty decent sized lakes) several years ago and they’ve really been successful. It’s so breathtaking to see one in the wild (or even not in the wild).


  3. Mosquitoes are truly a hazard. I try not to let them bite me. It’s wonderful that there are organizations devoted to caring for disabled wildlife. That’s a beautiful eagle. Blessings to you, Patti…


    1. Yes they are, Carol Ann, and your comment reminds me I need to wash off the repellent I used when planting the rest of the flowers this evening. I know you are “on your way” now, safe travels and Godspeed.


    1. Thanks, Esther. Our local Wild Birds Unlimited store took the opportunity to share Buddy with us while he was in the area visiting an elementary school. They held two presentations with his trainer on Sunday.


    1. On your NEXT vacation to VA, you could check out the Living Museum. Injured animals live in their natural habitat, and they had a pair of eagles when we were there.


  4. What a magnificent creature! Great post, Patti. I have always been in awe of eagles and I think it makes a great symbol for our country. I have to go see him!


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