Post #600

This is my 600th blog post, and today I’ll be celebrating with Wild Bird Wednesday!  Stewart’s feature shows the five cormorants found in Australia. The black and white ones are a beauty to behold. Come on over and check it out, and feel free to post your bird photos, too.  The more the merrier!

Today I have two birds to share, as they are one of those interesting nature stories…to me, anyway.  Clicking any picture will bring up a slide show.

Brown-headed Cowbirds do not nest. They seek the opportunity to lay their eggs in a nest prepared by someone else–someone who will incubate them and raise the young. Cowbirds will go so far as to remove eggs that are already there. 

Our unsuspecting little Song Sparrow was the recipient of two cowbird eggs. This weekend we watched it tirelessly seeking whatever it could find to feed its hungry and noisy charges.

I wish I’d gotten a photo of the fat baby Cowbird following behind the tiny sparrow, fluttering its wings and vocally begging, to make sure the sparrow knew right where it was.  

My hubby witnessed the sparrow feeding both young at once, however, I missed that opportunity. 


48 thoughts on “Post #600

    • The Song Sparrow was visiting on its own for a bit this morning, this evening it had a little beggar. It didn’t seem as flustered this time, Theresa.


    • Ha! I saw your comment on MJ’s blog (I think) about needing a safety valve on the Publish button. It should be like Windows and ask, “Are you sure you want to do this?”


  1. What a sweet sparrow! I never heard of such a thing. Cowbirds are weird. You would think Mommy Cowbird would find a bigger bird to drop her eggs on than a sparrow. All is well that ends well.


    • I can understand wanting the keep the cowbirds away. I keep hoping to see a little song sparrow, but another cowbird was being tended to today. That little sparrow bounces around the yard! So cute.


    • Thanks, Janna. Yep, the deadbeat parents of the avian world describes them quite well. 600 blog posts wasn’t even on my radar when I started this. It still doesn’t seem like it could be that many–I need to look back through the archives and see what I wrote!


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