Random 5 Friday

If I’m going to get a post written today, I’d better get busy! 

1. I was supposed to have lunch with hubby today, but distractions came up at work for him, so I went to Plan B.

2. I really didn’t have a Plan B. Considered a pajama day when I realized the 75 degrees this morning plummeted to a windy 61 in short order.

3. I’ve been enjoying smoothies this week.

4. Baby birds are being heard outside, requesting their dinner. Impatient bunch! 

5. I bought an infusion pitcher this week to add fresh fruit flavor to teas. Has anyone else tried one of those? Do you have any favorite recipes to share?

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26 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday

    • I got the idea from my daughter, Nancy. Sometimes when the weather is stormy and the kids can’t play outside, a pajama day is declared. Since she homeschools, they can even do it on a school day. The kids love it. There are usually movies involved, too.


    • Hi, Pix. When I read the instructions, it says not to pour hot or boiling water into the pitcher. I tried making green tea and pouring it in once cool, with blackberries, but unimpressed. I may just use it for water and put fruit in the center infuser to flavor that.


      • I also had never heard of an infusion pitcher. It sounds interesting–though your description makes it sound like I shouldn’t rush out and buy one.


        • It became more flavorful after sitting awhile, Sheryl. I tried sweetening it with blue agave syrup, which wasn’t a good choice for this mix of flavors. I’ll keep experimenting.


  1. My favorite fruity tasting tea is my own little idea [at least I think it is, LOL] I brew my favorite tea [green] and then add the juice of one small lime. Add no sugar, and it’s a refreshing hot drink that will warm your innards, OR it’s heavenly thirst quenching as iced tea.


  2. A pajama day sounds really nice. I think I would like an infusion pitcher, but don’t have any recipes. You’ll have to let us know how it turns out. Have a great day!


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