Random 5 Friday

Back Bay 010

1. Went to Back Bay Wildlife Refuge today with a friend. The temperature and breeze were perfect.

2. I had 299 emails when I got home. I’ve gotten behind with blogging and can’t seem to get caught up. 

3. Planned to do some clothes shopping this weekend, decided to go this evening when the mall is less crowded than on Saturday. 

4. Harry and David’s Moose Munch was on special. Guess what I had for dinner! 

5. I wish I was able to visit all the links to Random 5 Friday. 

Linking to Nancy’s blog.



27 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday

  1. Charming deer photo. Kind of makes me think of Santa sending it to sneak around and see if we’re being good or naughty. lol Don’t you just love the Wildlife Refuge. It sounds like a perfect day for watching the wildlife.

    I hope you get caught up on your blogging & emails. You are going to be one tired lady. I guess that’s what happens when your a nice person and are popular.

    Hope you have fun clothes shopping and can find some great deals on some great clothes.

    Moose Munch sounds interesting. What is it?

    I hope you can visit oodles of Friday 5 links.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


    My Random 5 Friday

    1. It’s almost 5:30 am. I’m super tired. Sheli woke us up at 3am. He played and played until he fell asleep. Now I can’t go back to sleep, so I thought I’d blog while I’m still awake.

    2. I need a haircut. I wish I knew a website that had photos of decent looking hair-dos for women over 50. Perhaps a change in hairstyle would make me feel more cheerful.

    3. A bird is singing outside my window and it’s driving me bonkers.

    4. There’s rain in the forecast for the next 2 days. Our gardens will either grow like crazy or drown and die.

    5. I wish we could win the lottery tonight. That would be so frighteningly awesome.



    • It was the perfect day, E.C. Glad I was on my good behavior, I hadn’t thought about Santa’s helpers checking up on me.
      You’re sweet, but I’m not popular, I’m just behind!
      Clothes shopping usually isn’t much fun, but I persisted in trying on just about every top in the store until I found something I liked (and fit well). At buy one, get one half off, I had to go look.
      Moose Munch is popcorn with a variety of flavors. There’s usually caramel corn and nuts, some coated with milk or dark chocolate, or chocolate and peanut butter, or cinnamon….they even had a limited edition blackberry-flavored one, but I didn’t try it, as it only came in a large bag.
      The rain woke me around 5:00 this morning.
      It is hard to find hair styles published for our age group. Throw curly hair in the mix and that removes many more style options.
      Hopefully your garden will grow like crazy!


  2. I’m struggling keeping up too. That trip really set me behind and I might just have to skip catching up and hope I didn’t miss anything too important.

    Moose Munch. . . mmmm sounds good.



    • I always think I can get caught up in a reasonable amount of time, but when too many days pass it’s almost unbearable, Nancy. I like reading what others take the time to write, it’s like a visit with friends. But the housework doesn’t go away, either!


    • It was, Patti. Deer keep my in-laws shrubs pruned, too. I was surprised how this one quietly slipped into the tangled mass of vegetation, not another sight or sound of it, just gone.


  3. 299 emails…that’s when i get delete happy and then regret it and have to dig them out of the trash. I don’t suggest that method. Twice as much work


  4. I’m constantly getting behind on emails. Often, I have several posts from the same blog waiting to be read, so I’ll read everything for that site in one sitting.

    That wildlife refuge sounds fun. Is that where you took the picture for this post?


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