Share Your World–2013 Week 16

It’s time to Share Your World with Cee, and me–and the rest of Cyber World, come to think of it.

1. Are you awake before dawn? Or are you awake before noon?

If I have caffeine late in the day, I might still be up at dawn! (That has happened a time or two.) Typically, I’m a night owl, so I’m rarely up early in the morning.

2. Are you usually late, early, or right on time? 

Usually early, sometimes right on time. 

3. For your potato chips, do you prefer ridged or flat ones?

I rarely eat potato chips, but I would use ridged for dip, and kettle-cooked crunchy flat ones all by themselves.

4. If you could inherit a vacation home anywhere in the world in which you could spend two months a year, where would it be?

Somewhere along the South Carolina coast.

That’s it for Week 16. I hope you’ll leave your answers in the comments below, or create your own post and link to Cee’s Share Your World page.  


24 thoughts on “Share Your World–2013 Week 16

  1. 1) Unfortunately, awake before dawn.
    2) I’d like to be early, but often end up late. Most of the time I can blame it on the kids, but other times, it’s me just trying to “do one more thing real quick.”
    3) Ridged
    4) Maui. It was so pretty there, I didn’t want to leave. But I guess it wouldn’t be a vacation home if I never left, would it?


    • I know how tempting it is to do “one more thing,” Janna. I like to keep the wait to a minimum. We’ve had few vacations away, usually time off was when we got to visit family. I know the feeling of wanting to just move to the vacation destination because it was such a break from everyday life.


  2. Thanks for sharing your world.
    It would appear we have a couple ‘shares’ in common. Cool! 🙂

    1. Before dawn
    2. Either early or right on time
    3. It depends on the brand
    4. On a beach somewhere


    • It’s tough to choose between those two, Caroline. I grew up in the mountains, and now live at the beach. Well, not AT the beach, but close enough. I’ve never been to Oak Island, will have to look it up. There’s something special about an island.


  3. Thanks for letting us play along again this week!
    1.) Usually right around dawn…that’s when the best sunrise shots are!
    2.) Either a little early, or on time. I HATE being late!
    3.) I agree with the other comments about trying to avoid eating potato chips. I probably prefer flat when I do indulge.
    4.) Carova, NC where the horses are – that way I could be close to them, but still only 2 hours from home: I could commute!


  4. i used to be an early riser, now i just want to sleep in. but horses to feed, dogs to let in and out, no real chance of that. 🙂 naps. afternoon naps. 🙂

    i am almost always early. i detest being late!

    i eat low-salt lays potato chips – have never liked ridged.


    • Yes, Theresa, dogs want out when they want out, and it’s usually early. Zim and Gem would make their way to the yard and knock on the door for breakfast should you be late. The hottest part of the day would be a good napping time.


  5. Good Morning Patti! I am late and missed a post BUT we have been out of town playing with our brand new Great Nephew.. 🙂
    1. I am awake before dawn. Not always thinking straight but awake. I don’t really come to life before 10am.
    2. Always early unless there is a problem.
    3. Ridged!
    4. Venice, Florida.
    Thank you Patti!


    • Congratulations on your new Great Nephew, Pix. I’m glad you are close enough to visit before he’s all grown up. I’ve never been to the Gulf coast. You’ll have to share photos next time you go.


  6. 1. Awake? I think I might have experienced that once in 1998.
    2. I always used to be very early. That is all I can disclose for ‘not getting myself into trouble purposes’.
    3. Yes.
    4. That’s a very difficult question! I might have to do a bit more research first!


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