Thrash is Back

The Thrash is back…and he’s not alone.

Brown Thrashers

Brown Thrashers

Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday. Come along! Stewart has a pink-eared duck today. You HAVE to see that!



39 thoughts on “Thrash is Back

    • The Brown Thrasher is related to the Northern Mockingbird, Christine. They have similar traits and shape, but the Brown Thrasher is a bit larger, 9.1-11.8 inches. Ohio is summer breeding territory for them. Where the mockingbird will be singing from the rooftop, the thrasher will be on the ground “thrashing” around the bushes and flinging dirt looking for insects.


      • We see the occasional mocking bird, but not often enough. I still get excited when I see one. We had one next in an evergreen near our last house. I can still remember a beautiful morning when we had our windows open and it serenaded us.

        I just have to get more knowledgeable about the birds.


        • Just keep observing, you’ll figure them out, Christine. I do love the mockingbird. Ours didn’t fly off as soon as I walked into the yard yesterday, like he knew I had something he was looking for. Hearing them sing is one of the best things about spring.


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