Weekly Photo Challenge–Change

We don’t always have the foresight to comprehend the repercussions of our actions. In our city, real estate can be quite valuable, and clearing the land for development is the order of the day. I can show you the change of environment that takes place with the removal of just one tree.
Clicking on a picture below will start the slide show, with captions


Now it’s easier to imagine the far-reaching effect of the loss of acres of woods, or rain forests. If the threat of global warming is real, could the decrease in numbers of these towering giants who cast the shade, purify the air, and soften the breezes be part of the cause ? 

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31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Change

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  2. Interesting study. We had a marvelous oak that shaded the city house and also, forked out to shade the back yard. The ligustrum below it, a very hardy bush, browned up and died. Perhaps it had gotten used to its friend’s shade.


  3. It’s sad when a stately old tree is removed. To see that in it’s absence the flora and fauna dies out and changes is heartbreaking.
    Thanks for sharing this thought provoking gallery for change.
    Well done.


  4. Aw….too bad the oak was taken down but it seems to be the way of things sometimes. We try to plant rather than take down but there were those river birches the former owners of our NC house had planted too close to the pool that had to come down. Sad but a necessity . Is it getting green where you are at????? Spring is coming!


  5. Beautiful tree :-(. Great reminder of the inter-connectedness of living things and a perfect portrayal of change. Thanks!


  6. I often wonder of those shaking their fist at factories ‘causing’ global warming are paying attention to the new developments that are popping up all over the place. It’s the little things, really.
    Great post, Patti.


  7. I’ve heard many of the shelter-belt trees that had been planted to prevent soil erosion where I grew up are being removed lately… I hope that doesn’t prove to be a big mistake…


  8. That’s really sad, Patti. I love Rhododendrons. They have cleared a bunch of land not too far from us for a new shopping area. Right now there are many mature trees lying on the ground, struck down at the base. So sad.


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    1. Sometimes there’s no other choice, Janna. But to see a large area cleared, leaving nothing behind, doesn’t sit well with me. In some of the neighborhoods here there are huge houses, but no trees in sight. It just doesn’t look right.


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